The last meteor shower of 2020! So you can see it

We are very close to saying goodbye to 2020, so in the next few days the last astronomical events of the year will take place, such as the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the total solar eclipse and a beautiful Geminid Meteor ShowerIf you want to know how to capture the latter, keep reading to discover the details.

Geminid Meteor Shower

Geminid meteorites can be seen in the sky when they hit the atmosphere at a speed of 260,000 km per hour; leaving behind a pile of shooting stars that illuminate the night.

last shower of stars 2020

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How can you see the meteor shower?

According to EarthSky, the peak will be the early morning between December 13 and 14.

Although it will be visible from 9 pm, you will have to stay awake a bit if you want to see the moment of the highest number of meteors, which will be around 2 am.

To enjoy the last star shower of 2020 you must locate yourself in a place that is far from light pollution; so your eyes will observe an infinity of shooting stars. You can choose a high window or the roof. It is an impressive event thanks to the intensity of its brightness, so you do not need to buy a telescope, they will be seen with the naked eye.

last shower of stars of 2020

If you want to capture the moment and make it unforgettable, you must have your cell phone at hand to take incredible photographs. Remember that in Telcel you will find the best equipment and with great technology; For example, him Galaxy S20 FE that has the artificial intelligence of the cameras, the Motorola One Vision with Night Vision system, or Oppo A93. Get them at the Telcel Online Store with Amigo Kit and #TelcelLaMejorRed and the best Coverage.

The next meteor shower will be the Leonids until January 3, 2021; keep an eye on HolaTelcel to know the schedules and how to see them.

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