The Game Awards 2021 | Promises more games and ads than ever

The Game Awards 2

Geoff Keighley anticipates that The Game Awards 2021 will break the record in the presentation of announcements and news about video games

The Game Awards It is an annual event where the best video games released during the year. It is a long-awaited celebration by the gamers.

Geoff keighley anticipated that The Game Awards 2021 will break the record in presenting announcements and news about the video game.

The Game Awards 2021

During a conversation with Epic games, Keighley pointed out that this edition will have the participation of several games who will compete in different categories.

“I think this will be a unique year because a lot of the content has been delayed and postponed. There are many great games, but this year there are things for all tastes “

According to the presenter in The Game Awards 2021 The previews of around 40 and 50 video game titles will be presented.

“This year especially, there will be a lot of content for 2022 and 2023. In fact, it will be the largest list of premieres and global announcements that we have ever presented.”

Geoff Keighley pointed out that people will be in for a big surprise with everything that is coming for the Playstation 5 and Xbox series x.

“It is undoubtedly being a very busy year in terms of the number of titles being proposed to us. We are flattered that almost all developers and publishers want their content to be shown at the gala “


In addition to the advancements of video game Announcements for products related to games, such as series or movies, are also expected.

“I would say that the prizes will be approximately half of the gala, and the announcements and premieres, the other half”

On The Game Awards 2021 there will also be celebrities who will mark the night of the gamers.

For this edition a face-to-face event is planned, people who wish to attend must fill a series of requirements and must also verify that they are vaccinated.

The organizers announced that the attendees will be controlled to avoid contagion of Covid-19. The Game Awards 2021 It will be held on December 9 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

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