The Flintstones | Animated sequel starring Pebbels announced

The Flintstones series

Elizabeth Banks will be in charge of producing the animated sequel to The Flintstones where she will portray the life of Pebbels

It was revealed that The Flintstones they will have a sequel which will be produced by Elizabeth Banks. Lindsay Kerns will write the pilot script and will also serve as executive producer.

Characters that became famous on television in the ’60s and’ 70s will have an animated version developed by Fox Entertainment and Warner Bros Animation.

The Flintstones

According to the first reports, the series will take place 20 years after the actions of the original series are developed.

Entertainment Weekly revealed that the new animated version will tell the story of Pebbels, who is in his early twenties and about to start a career. While Pedro Flintstone is about to retire.

“As the Stone Age steps into a bright and enlightened new Bronze Age. Bedrock residents will find this evolution more difficult than a Bamm-Bamm club swing. “

Through a statement, Michael Thorn, president of Fox Entertainment, pointed out that the footprint of The Flintstones it is undeniable and now it seeks to bring it to new generations.

“Its imprint on the animation universe is undeniable, and the idea of ​​adapting it for today’s audience is a challenge that we here at Fox are eager to face with Warner Bros. Elizabeth and Lindsay. No pressure of any kind, actually “

The Flintstones ABC’s first animated series

It should be remembered that The Flintstones was launched in 1960 by ABC produced then by the famous William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. In each of them there were almost 30 episodes, of 25 minutes each, that described the daily life in the prehistoric era in the fictional city of Piedradura (Bedrock in the original).

The Flintstones Village

It was the network’s first primetime animated series. Due to its popularity it was nominated for an Emmy for Best Comedy in 1961. The animated series ran for six seasons.

The Flintstones they narrate the adventures of Pedro and Vilma Flintstone, their daughter Pebbles, their pet Dino. And his neighbors and friends Pablo Mármol and Betty, with their son Bamm-Bamm.

Throughout history different versions have been developed in 1994 hit the big screen. Then the 2000 Flintstones was featured on Viva Rock Vegas.

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