The first Netflix video games will be ‘Stranger Things’!

Stranger things was one of the first series that raised the value and popularity of the famous platform of streaming in its beginnings and now it will be key to the launch of the first Netflix video games.

After its premiere in 2016, the company increased its value on the stock market by 20% and in the first quarter of that same year, more than three million users were also added to the platform. Also, the third season of Stranger things became the most watched series in N

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That is why it is not surprising that the first Netflix video games were based on this successful series.

The first Netflix video games will be Stranger Things - Blog Hola TelcelThe giant of streaming It has identified its strengths and has also found the main interests of its users. In the same way that Stranger things it was a hit for Netflix, Black mirror had an active conversation from its premiere to the launch of the last season, in which the platform experimented with its first interactive content.

The first tests of Netflix video games

The official account of Netflix Poland shared that some of the users with Android devices will be able to try the first Netflix video games with an experimental beta version.

The first two titles will be Stranger Things 3 and Stranger Things 1984, but details about each of them have yet to be revealed. However, according to different analyzes of specialized media, in these first releases there will be no role-playing games and it will be an experience similar to the first interactive Netflix movie, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Black Mirror is the inspiration for the first Netflix video games - Blog Hola Telcel

New details on Netflix’s foray into the world of video games

Thanks to the first tests, new details have been revealed about how this first stage of Netflix video games could work. One of the features that has attracted attention among the first Android users to try them is that the video games will be installed from Google Play Store.

As they previously learned, video games will be free to all Netflix subscribers. However, to be able to download them you will need an external app. Which is strange, since you will not be able to find the video games directly in Google Play Store, but you must first enter the platform of streaming and from there go to the online store.

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This means that you will be able to enter the fictional world of Stranger things with your Telcel Max Play Plan, which gives you Netflix + Claro video in the same Plan, to spend hours of fun not only watching movies and series, and very soon also playing within the universes of your favorite series with the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

Netflix's first video games will be Stranger Things - Blog Hola Telcel

It is worth mentioning that these are the first tests of Netflix video games, so some aspects could change. So if you want to be aware of all the details, each update of this new implementation of Netflix we will let you know through Hello Telcel. In the meantime tell us, which video games would you like to see on the platform?

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