The first iPhone with USB-C sells for almost 2 million pesos

iPhone with USB-C

The auction on eBay of the first iPhone with USB-C that a student made with which he eliminates the traditional Lightning connector closes

The student Kenn pillonel surprised the followers of Manzana when creating the first iPhone with USB-C. Users have long asked the company to eliminate the traditional lightning connector.

Through Youtube, the robotics student in Switzerland showed how he made his device. After the success he had with his team, Kenn Pillonel decided to sell it.


Collectors and technology lovers immediately did not hesitate to offer money in exchange for this iPhone X 64GB storage with USB-C, which is unique in the world.

Through eBay went on sale on first iPhone with USB-C. The auction It started at a dollar, but the sum quickly grew.

After 116 offers, the device was sold for a total of 86,001 dollars, that is, 1,765,559 Mexican pesos. A higher price than the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1 TB of storage.

In the first moment Kenn pillonel did not think of marketing his iPhone with USB-Cas you published the project and uploaded all the technical and component information needed to GitHub so that others could build their own team.

‚ÄúPillonel had to reverse engineer Apple’s C94 connector. Make a special circuit board and fit the USB-C as it is larger than the connector it has “

However, not all people can do it, since specialized knowledge is needed to be able to make the change from the traditional lightning connector to convert it to a USB-C device.

Although it is a functional equipment, Kenn Pillonel recommended that it not be used for day to day, in addition to requesting that it not be opened or that the OSas this could cause the port to stop working.

“It should not be restored, updated or erased, used as a device for daily use, or opened”

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