The first bracelet with AI that detects Covid-19 is approved

AI bracelet detects Covid-19

The FDA approved the first artificial intelligence device that detects Covid-19 even in asymptomatic people

One of the problems in combating Covid-19 is that it is detected late. When people without knowing it have already been able spread to more individuals.

That is why technology companies have tried to develop different devices to prevent the increase in infections. However, until now the first bracelet with Artificial intelligence what detects coronavirus.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a device that was designed to be able to identify the signs of Covid-19 even in asymptomatic people.

The bracelet by name Tiger Tech Covid Plus Monitor it has light sensors and a small computer processor.

It was created with the aim of looking for “biomarkers of the virus, such as hypercoagulation, a common abnormality in patients with Covid-19 that causes the blood to clot more easily.”

How does the first bracelet that the FDA approved work?

Once the person puts on the bracelet On your arm, the sensors begin to monitor the pulse signals of the blood flow for a period of three to five minutes.

Tiger Tech Covid Plus Monitor

Subsequently, the device collects the key information and through machine learning performs a simple reading.

“The final results are shown through a series of different colored lights. So the person can know if he tested positive, negative or if the test is not conclusive “

Although the bracelet was approved by the FDA, it was noted that it is not a substitute for a regular test. That is why the organization pointed out that it is only one more security measure.

So it can be used as an additional precaution, just as systems are used to verify temperature.

Together, the two detection tools could be used to slow the spread of the virus in a variety of public settings. Including health centers, schools, workplaces, theme parks, stadiums and airports ”

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