The famous ‘Swipe-up’ of Instagram will cease to exist very soon

Instagram announced that new features will arrive at the end of August and with them major changes in Instagram Stories. The most significant of all is that the famous ‘Swipe-up’ or the ‘Swipe up’, which allows you to add links to stories. However, the app presented an alternative to this feature that you will love.

The Instagram Swipe-up will disappear very soon.- Blog Hola Telcel

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A few weeks ago it was announced that Instagram will replace the ‘Swipe-up’ for sticker of links. This means that if one day you want to share a link to a website external to Instagram, you can do it simply by selecting the new one. widget and writing the full link. In addition, the sticker Links will also allow your followers to respond to your story with a simple swipe up.

Like the stickers questions, music or polls, the sticker of links It can be located anywhere on the screen and will show the name of the website you are linking to. But, instead of your followers swiping up to access it, they will only have to click on it sticker and they will immediately access the page you want.

The new sticker of Instagram links will be available to everyone?

It is said that stickers of links in Instagram Stories will only appear in accounts that already had the ‘Swipe-up’ function. That is, those users who have a verified account or who have more than ten thousand followers. The good news is that Instagram does not rule out the possibility that the new sticker will be available for everyone very soon, as part of the Instagram Stories tools.

This is how the new link stickers will look in the Instagra, Stories.- Blog Hola Telcel

More surprise features coming to the app

Besides stickers link, Instagram announced that it works in some ‘State’, with which users can show only their closest friends what they are doing. For example, if you are on vacation, at home, with your family, with your pet, even if your phone is low on battery and its exact location.

New statuses will be added to Instagram under the profile photo.- Blog Hola Telcel

The ‘States’ of Instagram will be located at the bottom of the profile photo. But, as it is a feature in development, it is unknown when it will be officially released. Of course, both the ‘States’ and the sticker of links you can enjoy them thanks to the unlimited social networks that your Unlimited Amigo recharges from Telcel, which have WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat, with connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.
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It’s probably time to share more of what you like on Instagram, get a lot more followers, and be one of the lucky ones to get the new one. sticker of links. What do you think about the idea? 😉

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