‘The Eternals’: All the details about the new Marvel superheroes

The first official trailer of The Eternals It was enough to revive the excitement of the fans of Marvel for all the movies to come.

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The best of all is that this new production is not a sequel to the superheroes we already know, rather, it is the introduction to a whole new team of superhumans, where we will see Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden Y Salma Hayek as part of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Maybe you know the history of Iron Man, Captain America or Spider-Man perfectly, but of The Eternals almost nothing. Well, so that you arrive more than ready to the premiere, here we tell you all the details you should know about the new team of Marvel superheroes. 👇

The Eternals: All the details of the new Marvel movie

Who are the Eternals?

The information on the Celestials and the Eternals is almost nil in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is because the new movie is based on the Jack Kirby comics, where there are three great races in the universe: the Eternals (The Eternals), the Deviants and humans, subspecies that were created from the Celestials.

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The Celestials are ancient beings, so powerful, that they controlled the Infinity Stones since their creation. On the other hand, the Eternals had the mission of observing and guiding humans, but without intervening in their actions. So it was until now. Could it be that a threat greater than Thanos is coming to Earth?

Who will be the villain in The Eternals?

The first official trailer didn’t reveal much about the plot or the franchise’s possible new villain. However, it is known from the comics that Knull is the supervillain of the Eternals. It is about an ancient evil god who had lived in the abyss until he was awakened by the Celestials, and seeks to cover the universe with his darkness.

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A cast of first

Without a doubt, one of the greatest attractions of The Eternals is the excellent selection of cast by Marvel. In this new movie we will see Richard Madden like Ikaris, Salma Hayek like Ajak, Angelina Jolie as Thena, Kit harrington like Druig, Harish Patel like Karun, Chan gem like Sersi, Brian Tyree Henry like Phastos, Lia mchugh as Sprite and Lauren Ridloff as Makkari, the first deaf actress to play a superhero in the MCU.

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The direction was in charge of the Oscar winner for Nomadland, Chloé zhao. This is only the fourth film in his recent film career, and the first he has not produced. For it, Kevin Feige he repeated as producer, so in The Eternals it is expected to see Feige’s ingenuity again alongside Zhao’s talent.

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Captain America and Avengers references

The first trailer of The Eternals He also took the opportunity to make some funny references to Captain America and the Avengers. The first of them happens during a scene in Babylon, in a brief plane where an old soldier appears who carries a shield very similar to Steve Rogers, which now belongs to Sam Wilson as the new Captain America.

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The second reference happened in the Eternals final talk, when Sprite, played by Lia McHugh, asks about the Avengers:

“So now that Captain Rogers and Iron Man are gone, who do you think will lead the Avengers?”Sprite points out.

“I could lead them”replies Ikaris, played by Richard Madden. After a pause and an awkward silence, everyone laughs.

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When will it be released The Eternals?

After a full year of delays, Marvel confirmed that The Eternals hit theaters next November 5th. It will be one of the four films that are scheduled for 2021: Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, The Eternals Y Spider-Man: No Way Home.

With these four productions, Phase 4 of the MCU will begin, so if you want to get ready, remember that you can enjoy all the Marvel movies through Disney +, which you can include in your Current Telcel Plan and enjoy your favorite superheroes. #All in the same place.

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A new battle for the future of humanity is about to begin, so it’s time to meet the Eternals and bring out the fan side of Marvel that we all carry inside. 😊

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