The empires that Jeff Bezos built

Over the course of 27 years, Jeff Bezos turned Inc. into a colossus whose power and influence reverberate across many industries. The fortunes of Bezos and Amazon have exploded in recent years. As demand for its core online shopping business intensified, the company also had great success in cloud computing and successfully expanded into entertainment and advertising. With the growth of Amazon’s power and ambition, the company has embarked on an unprecedented hiring wave and expanded its presence in the US.

Starting Monday, when Bezos steps down as CEO to become CEO, the Amazon founder will enter a life that includes space exploration, philanthropy, and ostentatious spending on real estate and new toys. As he hands over the day-to-day running of the business to Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy, ​​here’s a look at the personal and professional empires he created:

Long business tentacles

Amazon dominates online retail, where it accounts for about 41% of all online sales, according to research firm eMarketer. But the company also helped pioneer cloud computing services and is a force in the advertising industry, where it now competes with the advertising titans of Alphabet Inc. Google and Facebook Inc.

In recent years, Amazon has made its way into the everyday lives of Americans through its streaming services and smart devices, categories in which it has remained in control even as the competition has heated up. Its Alexa assistant and Fire TV streaming devices regularly rank among Amazon’s best-selling items on its site, thanks in part to regular discounts.

Source: WSJ

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