The Earth reaches its highest speed: what will it mean by 2022?

Last Tuesday the Earth has reached the greatest closeness to the Sun During its orbit, this is called perihelion and causes an above-average acceleration, reaching 3,420 kilometers per hour.

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Why do we know the speed of the Earth?

German-born astronomer and mathematician Johannes kepler dedicated his life to carrying out studies to understand the movement of the planets around the Sun. Thanks to these investigations we can predict the speed at which the Earth is moving. Kepler deduced that the closer the Earth to the Sun, the faster it will move.

Our planet has an elliptical motion of 930 million kilometers and reaches an average speed of 107,280 kilometers per hour, thus calculating the 365 days of the year and six hours to complete the orbit. These overtime hours are the reason why every four years we have to add one day in February, which is called a leap year.


What will be the speed that the Earth will reach?

Last Tuesday the earth approached the point closest to the Sun in its orbit (147 million kilometers), thus achieving an acceleration of 3,420 kilometers per hour above its usual speed (107,280 kilometers per hour). Because of this, while you slept, the planet reached 110,700 kilometers per hour, exactly at 00:52 in the morning.

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What happens when the Earth is away from the Sun?

On the contrary of perihelion, the aphelion is the farthest point from Sun to which the Earth during the journey of its orbit (5 million kilometers). Following the laws of KeplerThis means that the Earth will reach its minimum speed on July 4 of this year, reducing speed to 103,536 kilometers per hour, more than 7,000 kilometers apart.

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