The ‘double call’ scam proliferates, threatening a rate increase to change operator, according to OCU

MADRID, April 30 (2021) –

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has denounced the proliferation of a new type of phone scam known as ‘double call’ scam, in which they first threaten a price increase of your rates get the victims to change their telephone operator, supplanting the companies and the OCU itself.

The double call scam is actually a ‘vishing’ campaign, in which cybercriminals pose as companies to obtain user data or, as in this case, change phone providers.

As OCU has warned in a statement, this scam is more elaborate than usual, and the victim first receives a call in which he impersonates his telephone company and They notify you of a significant increase in your rate, between 15 and 20 euros.

Soon after, the scammers call again, in this case posing as a second phone company, which offers you an offer if they change operator, and that in some cases they even say that this rate is endorsed by the OCU, something flatly false.

OCU has denounced that this type of scams, which affect customers of different operators, they only want people to change their rate through deceptionAnd it also means that cybercriminals steal your data.

Likewise, the organization has urged users to be wary of these scams, and recalls that phone companies never call their customers to report increases in their rates.

They also recommend that users be suspicious, especially if it is a significant increase, above ten euros, and if it is warned imminently, since Operators are required to notify changes 30 days in advance..

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