The complete Twilight saga comes to Netflix! How much do you know about her?

You like movies based on books by Stephenie meyer or not, it is a fact that Twilight marked a whole teenage generation who yearned for the love between Bella and Edward. A vampire romance that became a saga of four films, which are now available at Netflix.

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Twilight Bella and Edward Netflix

Kristen Stewart Y Robert Pattinson they left behind their roles in Twilight, but it is true that the saga does not stop moving many. In fact, there are those who still defend being Team Edward or Team Jacob. So, no matter what team you are from, here we share some curious facts about Twilight so you can relive the excitement of waiting for a new movie every year.

10 curious facts about the Twilight saga

1. The dress Kristen Stewart wore to Bella’s graduation cost only $ 20. However, stores and online sites have recreated it for large sums of money for fans to use.

Edward and Bella graduation Twilight

2. Author Stephenie Meyer has confirmed that she is Team Jacob, as the character is more like her personality.

Team Jacob Stephenie Meyer

3. Many actors auditioned to be Edward, including Henry Cavill and Tom Welling, but the overall winner of the role was Robert Pattinson.

Henry Cavill Edward Cullen

4. For the role of Bella there were also many candidates, one of them and the almost winner was Lily Collins.

Lily Collins Bella Swan

5. Before turning to acting, Robert Pattinson was interested in being a musician and tested his skills in the first film of the series by performing the theme Never Think.

6. Bryce Dallas Howard, who took the role of Victoria in Eclipse, confessed that he was a huge fan of the series and that he had a great crush with Robert Pattinson, but that he never dared to confess it.

Bryce Dallas Howard Victoria Eclipse Twilight

7. During the filming of Twilight, Robert Pattinson was almost hospitalized as in one scene when carrying Kristen he made a false move and almost tore his knee muscles.

Edward Cullen Twilight

8. The world premiere of the latest films took place at the end of November, since the release date coincided with the days when there is a new moon.

Edward and Bella vampires

9. Kristen Stewart had to wear glasses throughout the saga to hide the green hue of her eyes, since Bella’s are brown.

Bella eyes Kristen Stewart

10. Stephenie Meyer, author of the books, made a couple of cameos during the movies.

Stephenie Meyer cameos Twilight

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It is clear to us that Twilight It was more than just movies based on books; It was a worldwide success that will go down in film history. Enjoy the entire saga and tell us, which of all the movies is your favorite?

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