The biggest discount for a Pandora Box Arcade on Amazon

And for that reason we have not been able to let the Brutal offer that we just found in a Pandora Box X Plus, one of the best arcade consoles on the market. We are facing a panel made of high quality, which has all the essence of the arcades, but with the convenience of not having the large size of an arcade. This means that we can take it anywhere. The good news is that right now it has a discount on Amazon that leaves it below 100 euros.

Unicview Pandora Box X Plus 3303

Thousands of arcades in your home

By connecting it to television via HDMI, this Pandora Box X will allow us to relive the best games of the 80s, 90s and 2000s. It is also an excellent opportunity for new generations to discover gems such as the Street fighter saga, Toki, Black tiger, Golden Ax, Shinobi, Out run, Monaco GP, Tetris, Donkey kong, Space Invaders, After Burner, Mercs, Ninja Turtles, Robocop, Shadow Warriors, Pang, Hammering Harry and many more, by a total of 3,303 games included.

It has a methacrylate design and enough distance for two players to play comfortably. From the menu, we can choose numbered in alphabetical order from 1 to 3,303 games, with a video game demonstration to easily remember the title to the right of it. The arcade image will automatically adjust to the size and resolution of our TV, monitor or projector, being able to perfectly reproduce the image from 720p, 1080p or even 4K resolution. The arcade panel boasts a pair of full-scale joysticks to facilitate combos in our favorite fighting games like Street Fighter. The sound of the buttons is also very faithful to what was experienced in arcade sales, as they have a great quality.

Unicview Pandora Box X Plus 3303 01

Take it for only 99 euros

This Pandora Box X Plus has a regular price of 149 euros. However, it is now on sale at 129 euros for Prime customers. However, we may apply an additional discount coupon on Amazon at this time, which it will leave its final price at only 99 euros. We will only have to mark the coupon and click to buy for this final price to be applied. Without a doubt we are facing one of the most impressive offers that we have seen in one of these arcades. What we cannot know is how long it will be available before this coupon disappears, or the arcade returns to its original price. This means it’s best to hurry up before it’s too late, taking advantage of free shipping for Amazon Prime customers as well.

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