The best special sound bars for PCs and laptops

Having a sound bar can be a great option, especially for enhance sound in moments where we need the highest quality and strength. It is something very common in many people’s living rooms. We can be watching television with the native audio, but when it comes time to put a movie, nothing like turning on the sound bar and lowering the blind. It is something that we have very assumed in this universe, but perhaps less in that of PCs.

Why buy a PC soundbar?

We may be listening to the PC audio with old speakers or directly from the monitor. These are usually the most common causes and why a user ends up considering the purchase of a sound bar specially designed for computers. Even if They are initially intended for desktop PCs, they are perfectly valid for laptops and more so now, that most of them are serving as desktops with the new wave of teleworking.

sound bar for pc

Perfect computer sound bars

A soundbar for PC is much more compact than those that we find designed for televisions. But that does not mean that they will not have enough power and quality to be in movies, series or games that we run from the computer. One of the great assets for opting for a sound bar for PC is its low cost. Given the great competition in the market and more now with the fury of gaming, we can find great options at better prices, as we show you below.

Elegiant PC Speakers

We are facing a convertible PC soundbar through a magnetic system. That is, we can use it as a sound bar or independent speakers. It features two dual speakers, 2 bass diaphragms, and unique anti-noise technology for full sound. Also has lights with a total of 4 LED light modes Available: multi-color flashes one after another according to the rhythm of the music, the blue color always lights up, the red color always lights up, and the multi-color gradually changes one after another

ELEGIANT Desktop PC Speakers

Vanzev sound bar

A lot of power with this Vanzev soundbar for PC. It has 2 dual 5W speakers to offer an impressive sound experience and great sound quality. It offers connections by AUX or bluetooth 5.0, for a more stable and faster connection with our smartphone.

VANZEV Sound Bar for PC

Trust Arys

Pay attention to this Trust bar because it is thin enough to fit under your PC screen. It has a maximum power of 12W, which guarantees that intense and convincing sounds reach the entire room. It has a volume control of large size, illuminated and easily accessible on the front of the bar.

Trust Arys - Soundbar

Creative Stage Air

Quality to spare with this creative soundbar for computers. It is USB powered and connects to the monitor via an integrated USB hub. It is very compact and can be connected wirelessly via bluetooth, or use cables and connect via 3.5mm auxiliary input. Optimized dual drivers and the Stage Air’s extra-large passive radiator deliver impressive surround sound.

Creative Stage Air

VersionTECH with remote

This soundbar is perfect to boost any audio with 2 high-end and quality 5W speakers. On the right side of the soundbar, it has an illuminated volume control button for adjusting the volume as well. Dispose of a built-in 1,800mAh battery, that allows a playback of 4-6 hours after being fully charged. Integrates a USB cable for power only.

VersionTECH.  Sound Bar PC

Trust Gaming Bar

This is a very striking option, with adjustable RGB lighting, being able to choose between 6 modes. It has a large illuminated volume control knob that is easy to access, even during gaming. It has two 2.0 stereo speakers with a maximum power of 12W that offer an optimal gaming experience. It connects with a single auxiliary cable for sound and a USB cable for power.

Trust Gaming Sound Bar

Gogroove PC speaker

A very elegant and different bar, since its position allows the audio to be projected upwards. For that reason, it has angled drivers that optimize sound projection to produce mids and highs for full-range stereo audio. It has a sleek power dial and the volume is at your fingertips, counting on a bright LED light.

GOgroove PC Speaker, Mini Sound Bar

ARCHEER sound bar

Another great option thanks to its crisp and balanced stereo sound, which also changes colors automatically when playing music, movies or games. It has a circular rotary knob to increase or decrease the volume. There is also a touch button at the top of the bar to control the light on and off.

ARCHEER Desktop PC Speakers, PC Sound Bar

Compact vanzev

In this case we have 2 Dual 3W speakers guarantee power and great sound quality. As part of its design and manufacture, it features high-quality ABS, which promises long life and wear protection. On the right side it has a roulette wheel to control the volume precisely.

VANZEV Speakers PC USB Sound Bar

Sound Bar, Fityou

We finished the list with a powerful soundbar that delivers powerful stereo bass from over 2 10W full-range drivers and well-balanced bass drivers. It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 for a fast connection has a 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can work for about 6 hours of continuous playback. In addition, it integrates a high-performance microphone when listening to music in bluetooth mode. This allows you to answer the phone with the press of a key.

Sound Bar, Fityou

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