The best smartwatches to control blood pressure

One of the first sensors that began to be integrated into smart watches was that of the heart rate or rhythm, for which before a chest band was necessary. However, it is much more comfortable to measure the frequency of our heart simply by wearing the watch on the wrist.

This is an important piece of information when it comes to controlling our workouts, but without a doubt, it is also something of great interest to some people with certain heart problems. However, it is not the only thing that smartwatches allow us to measure today, since there are also models capable of monitor our sleep. Something that they also do through our heart rate.

We can also find some models that allow us to measure the blood oxygen saturation, the blood pressure or even those capable of performing a electrocardiogram. In any case, it is important to know that they are not medical devices, so it is best to see our doctor to carry out these controls in the most reliable way possible. That said, we are going to show a selection of smart watches that allow us to measure blood pressure.

Smartwatch to control blood pressure

PRIXTON smartwatch

This PRIXTON smart watch is a model compatible with iOS and Android capable of performing electrocardiograms, measuring blood pressure and also has a heart rate sensor. A complete smartwatch to control our physical activity and the main aspects of our health. It has a range of between 5 and 7 days with a single charge.


Complete watch with GPS and pedometer to control all our physical activity and workouts that also has the functions of a heart rate monitor, sleep monitor and blood pressure control. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices to be able to receive all notifications from our mobile on the wrist itself.

Smartwatch Bebinc

This Bebinca model is a watch with water resistance, long battery life and an elegant design that is capable of tracking our activity, steps, calories, distance, etc. It has 15 sports modes, compatibility with both iOS and Android, a heart rate and blood pressure sensor.

Idasuho Clock

Also with water resistance is this model from Idasuho. A smartwatch capable of controlling certain aspects of our health such as heart rate, blood pressure and even the level of oxygen in the blood. It allows you to configure up to 10 different sport modes, is compatible with iOS and Android and allows us to receive notifications of messages or calls from our mobile phone on the watch itself. The battery life is approximately one week.

GOKOO Smartwatch

It is a sports smartwatch with a Fitness tracker and compatible with iOS and Android. In addition, it has a pedometer, a heart rate monitor, sleep quality in its different phases and blood pressure measurement as far as health is concerned. On the other hand, it also allows us to receive all the notifications from our phone on the watch so we don’t miss anything without having to take our mobile out of our pocket.

HopoFit smart watch

This HopoFit model is a smartwatch with a design reminiscent of conventional watches but that really has smart functions. It has a pedometer to track all our steps, calories, distance traveled, it is capable of recording a lot of sports and it has interesting functions to control certain aspects of our health. Among them, it is worth highlighting the heart rate sensor, the possibility of measuring oxygen saturation in the blood, blood pressure or monitoring sleep in all its phases.

YAMAY Smartwatch

It is a complete smart watch, since it has everything we can ask for from a device of this type. On the one hand, it has a lot of sports modes to control our workouts, it allows us to receive notifications from our phone on the watch, it is waterproof and has a blood oxygen, heart rate and blood pressure monitor throughout the day. In this way we will be able to monitor our health status in real time, although it should never be used as a diagnosis.

CatShin Clock

With a design that is very similar to that of the almighty Apple Watch, we also find this CatShin smartwatch. It has a large 1.54-inch screen, 10 sports modes, smart notifications from our phone on the watch and is compatible with iOS and Android. As far as health control is concerned, of course it has a blood pressure measurement and also incorporates a heart rate sensor, blood oxygen level and sleep monitoring.

HalfSun smart watch

This model stands out for its automatic and continuous monitoring of heart rate and blood pressure in real time. In addition, it has a complete sleep monitoring, offering certain tips to improve its quality, step counter, calories, inactivity alert, etc. It is waterproof, has various sports modes, activity tracking throughout the day and is compatible with iOS and Android.

Tagobee TB06 Smartwatch

Although it is the cheapest model in this compilation, the truth is that it lacks nothing. It is a waterproof smarwatch with a high definition touch screen, pedometer, call and message notifications, step and calorie counter, distance, incoming call alert and a range of up to one week. How could it be otherwise, it allows you to measure tension and also has a heart rate and sleep monitor.

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