The best small controls with Bluetooth for mobile and tablet

Mobile games have been improving and their graphic quality is gradually (saving the distance) approaching consoles. Some claim that just as mobile photography has come to compete with professional cameras, so will developer games for mobile one day. In fact, in theory it is already possible, if we tell how to play on the mobile, some of the cloud services that we allow us to play console games on our smartphone.

What remote to choose for the mobile or tablet?

A mobile can be taken anywhere and therefore, we believe that a controller to play on these devices should be just as manageable. Generally, games on tablets or mobiles tend to last less time than those that can be played on a console. That the control is ergonomic and adapts to our hand it should be a fundamental requirement. We must also take into account that it has the appropriate and sufficient buttons for the titles we usually play.

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In addition, Bluetooth connectivity is another requirement, which is supported by practically all mobile phones and tablets on the market. The connection is reliable, stable, secure and also offers a fast response. For this reason, all the options that we have selected have this connectivity option. However, the autonomy of each one will depend on the battery that each manufacturer has implanted, which in many cases is also linked to the price. However, all the options on this list have an excellent quality / price ratio and some have a great discount right now.

Compact bluetooth controllers


This is a very simple to use and compact command. It allows control games precisely and makes use of its own app to better configure the controls. It works with 2 AAA batteries (not included) that allows intensive use for days. It also includes an auto-off function to save energy.

TeleprompterPAD and box

8Bitdo Zero 2

A small command but of quality, which is compatible with all platforms including mobiles and tablets, but also with PC or Nintendo Switch. It has a classic layout with a control crosshead, Select + Star buttons, four action buttons, and two top triggers. This configuration is valid for practically all mobile games available on the market.

8Bitdo Zero 2 turquoise

8bitdo, SN30 Pro

A command with a high score on Amazon due to the satisfaction of those who have done with it. According to its manufacturer, it is the only controller “to rule them all.” Its design is inspired by the classic Super Nintendo. Offers a perfect classic D-pad and full-featured controller such as vibration, motion controls, wireless bluetooth, rechargeable battery, home and screenshot buttons, and a USB Type-C connector.

Gam3Gear 8bitdo SN30 Pro

Ymiko 4 in 1

A small controller that is so portable that it can even be carried as a keychain. One of its best features is that it includes a 180 mAh battery that grants about 40 hours of autonomy. It is compatible with Bluetooth 3.0, which ensures a wireless range of 10 meters.

Ymiko 4 in 1 in hand

Hi-Shock Gamepad 360

This is another compact one-hand control knob. It is compatible with any Android device and guarantees an ultra-fast connection thanks to Bluetooth. It is manufactured from quality materials and offers additional functions such as remote camera shutter.

Controller VR-Shark

Vbestlife VR Shinecon

Another extremely compact option is this Shinecon remote. Count with one elegant design and is comfortable to use, offering compatibility with Android, iOS and PC games. Although we are going to play glued to the mobile or tablet, it is also possible that we make a wireless connection to the TV, in that case, this remote offers a wireless control distance of between 2 to 10 meters. Its battery lasts between 20 and 40 hours.


Zerone PL-608

A compact and very powerful gamepad that allows you to control any game precisely. It has a control joystick and four main buttons along with the select and start buttons. In addition to being a game controller, it functions as a remote control, Bluetooth mouse or multimedia controller function.

Zerone PL-608 and mobile

Yagala Mini Keyboard

A mini keyboard like this Yagala can also be a excellent controller to play on mobile or tablet. It is compact in size and enables multi-finger function, one finger click as the left mouse function, right finger click as the right mouse function. It is compatible with all types of operating systems and allows you to configure all its keys as action buttons in games.

YAGALA Mini Keyboard

Nyko Manette Playpad

Another compact and high-quality controller for mobile. It has a special HID protocol optimized for devices and Tegra3-based games and includes Nyko’s Playground app with the ability to customize controller layout and download game profiles for older titles. It has two joysticks, home button, triggers and main control buttons.

Nyko Manette Playpad


We finish the list with this Junluck in white, a perfect bluetooth controller for casual games. But it also acts as a multimedia controller with play / pause, previous song, next song, stop and volume. It offers a distance of up to 10 meters and can also act as a shutter button for the camera.

Junluck Game Controller

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