The best single-handed gaming keyboards on offer

If we are regular PC gamers, there is nothing like having a gaming keyboard. However, we may not have opted for any yet, since in addition to playing games, we also use the computer to work and we like to keep the current keyboard. In both cases, there is a perfect option for be able to play with great precision and maintain as much free space as possible. We are talking about one-handed gaming keyboards.

This type of keyboard maintains a perfect ergonomics to place the palm of the hand. In addition, they have the elements of a full gaming keyboard, such as marked main keys or backlighting. Some say that once you try such a keyboard for gaming, you no longer go back to the full keyboard option. Getting out of doubts is not complicated, since all the options that we leave you below They have an excellent quality / price ratio.

HXSJ V100 keyboard

The keyboard offers 35 keys, mini design that provides a very simple one-handed operation experience. In addition, it has LED color backlighting and fits perfectly in the hand and wrist. Its connection with the PC or laptop is direct via USB. Its price is only 16.99 euros.


Toyami keyboard with mouse

An interesting set of high quality mechanical keyboard, with an ergonomic design and 35 keys. The keyboard has 8 kinds of lighting modes and allows you to freely set the brightness and mode, thus adjusting the backlight for each group of buttons. The accompanying mouse has passed endurance tests, with more than 20 million click tests. The mouse light can also be turned on and off independently. The pack is priced at 35.99 euros.

Toyami keyboard with mouse

Redragon K585

Another one of the best options is the Redragon K585, a keyboard that offers just enough to play with precision. It has seven programmable macro keys, which allow you to link various commands and activate them instantly quickly. We will can also assign single or multiple keystrokes to any key macro to save time in the middle of battle. Its ergonomic design reduces muscle tension and reduces pressure on the wrist. We can buy it for 38.99 euros, since at the moment we can apply a coupon of four euros.

Redragon K585 gaming keyboard

Baseus GAMO (GK01)

Another one-handed gaming keyboard to consider. This Baseus Gamo GK01 It also has 35 mechanical keys, eliminating what is left over. It also has a satellite axis balance button and 34 orange backlights. It can be ours for 34.31 euros.

Baseus Gamo keyboard

Fox Way M416

We finished today’s recommendation list with a Fox Road keyboard. It is a one-handed keyboard even more compact than what we have seen above. In this case, we have 27 mechanical keys and a three-color backlight. It is made of quality metal and offers water resistance in the event of accidents during battles. It can be ours for only 33.84 euros.

keyboard fox way m416

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