The best season of the year is here and what better than to experience it with a new tablet!

It is no secret that the season of the year that is about to begin is by far a favorite. In Mexico, especially, everything is dressed in colors and traditions begin to emerge. Therefore, Telcel wants you to complement this special time by releasing an incredible tablet in a Telcel Tablet 5000 Plan, in a promotion that you cannot miss.

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All you have to do is choose one of the three tablets available in the promotion and enjoy its technology. As well as enjoying the incredible benefits of a Telcel Plan, such as the 10 Gigs included, access to Claro video’s catalog of movies and series, unlimited social networks, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat, as well as the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

Hire a Telcel Plan and get one tablet included


One of the best qualities of the tablet ALCATEL 1T7 is that it is compact and light, you can even manipulate it with one hand and take it anywhere. In addition, it allows you to put a time limit on use and restrict access to certain applications so that you can concentrate on your work or school. Its screen has blue light reduction to avoid eyestrain. And finally, it has all the power of the Android 10 (Go Edition) operating system.


Know all the characteristics of the tablet ALCATEL 3T10 SMART and let yourself be surprised. First, it integrates an intelligent hands-free system, powered by the Google Assistant, which allows you to control all its functions by voice. On the other hand, it has multitasking power, which gives you the opportunity to do more than one action at the same time: listen to music, watch videos, photos and any multimedia content.

Tablet ALCATEL 3T8 TAB 9032

What you will love most about the tablet ALCATEL 3T8 is its peculiar design, which is made up of a slim frame designed so that you can fully enjoy its enveloping 8-inch screen. In addition, thanks to its Miracast technology you can transmit the multimedia content you want from the tablet towards a TV. Not to mention, it has a Google Assistant to find information, manage tasks, and play music.

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Now you know! The best way to brand new is with Telcel, so choose your favorite tablet, the one that suits you the most, and start enjoying the best technology this October.

* Valid throughout the Mexican Republic except CDMX, State of Mexico, Hidalgo and Morelos

Terms and conditions: 1. The ALCATEL 117 90A, ALCATEL 3T10 Smart Tab 8094M and ALCATEL 378 Tab 9032T equipment are equipment induced by contracting the Telcel Tablet 5000 Plan subject to a minimum term of 24 months, which may vary depending on the equipment and the minimum contract period chosen by the user. 2. The monthly rent for the Telcel Tablet 5000 Plan is $ 569. Illustrative images. 3. Applies to new users who hire or active that renew their mandatory term. The Gigabytes (GB) granted by promotion will be applied monthly during the entire mandatory term or during the first 12 months in free term. At the end of the mandatory term or 12 months, the user will only have the GB originally included in the plan. The GB included in the plan can be used while in Mexico, USA or Canada. Internet browsing in the US or Canada will depend on the capacity and technology offered by the foreign operator. Subject to the Policy on the Use of Borderless Services available for consultation at Not combinable with other promotions that grant GB as a gift. 4. When contracting or renewing a Telcel Tablet Plan with an income of $ 399 or higher, the user obtains the benefit of a monthly subscription at no additional cost to the Internet video service (streaming) “Claro Video” through promotion. validity of the minimum contracted term and / or while the line remains active. Conditions: Do not submit debts. In the event that the line has debts, the benefit will be lost. Applies on the basis of a subscription per line that meets the requirements indicated. It does not include content available in Pay Per Event (PPV). If the Rate Plan is canceled at the request of the holder or due to lack of payment, the Claro Video subscription will be canceled. If you use Telcel’s mobile data network to use and access Claro Video, the Gigabytes (GB) consumed will be discounted from those included in the Data Plan or Package (if any) or will be charged on demand according to at the current additional GB consumption rate, as the case may be. The availability and quality in the provision of the Claro Video service is the responsibility of the third party that offers it and will be provided in accordance with the availability and quality offered by the corresponding third party. Not combinable with other promotions. Claro Música Play List 1 month without cost, terms and conditions at Claro Drive 10GB without cost, terms and conditions 5. The use of the Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and UBER applications is subject to the Induced Social Network Use Policy available at Equipment and color of the equipment subject to availability at the point of sale. Valid throughout the Mexican Republic except Mexico City, State of Mexico, Hidalgo and Morelos, through Telcel Authorized Distributors and Customer Service Centers from September 30 to October 6, 2021. Published prices include VAT from 16 %. Information at, Customer Service Centers and Authorized Telcel Distributors. THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES OFFERED BY TELCEL ARE PROVIDED BASED ON THE ESTABLISHED IN THE GUIDELINES THAT SET THE INDICES AND QUALITY PARAMETERS TO WHICH MOBILE SERVICE PROVIDERS MUST SUBJECT, in force. Public Telecommunications Registry Folios: 131378, 131379, 131380, 131382, 131383, 131384, 131385, 131388, 131389, 169799, 169800, 169801, 169803, 169804, 169807, 169808, 169809, 169810, 169811, 174702, 214315 and 214329.

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