The best multicookers for 2020

Multicookers make cooking meals easier than ever. These pots can handle a variety of tasks, including sautéing, pressure cooking, simmering, and much more. Besides being a complete oven in a portable device, they also come packed with a host of technology to make meals smarter, safer, and healthier.

But if you want to get on the multi-cuisine train, where do you start? We can help – here are several top models to compare.

Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi version

Often credited with starting today’s multi-cooker craze, the Instant Pot can do a little bit of everything. In addition to cooking, pressure cooking, and simmering, this cooker has settings for porridge, yogurt, rice, and other commonly cooked foods that take a lot of the guesswork out of preparing dishes you may not have tried before (with plenty of safety features so you don’t you’re wrong). This particular 6-quart model gets an extra boost of interest with its Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to get updates on your food and make sure you don’t forget about the pot while you’re out of the kitchen doing other chores. It’s an ideal kitchen, whether it’s your first or you’re looking for a high-tech upgrade.

Ninja Foodi Multipurpose Pot

Ninja has an excellent line of multicookers of its own, but Foodi is particularly useful. It can pressure cook, brown and sauté like most multi-cookers, but it also has an air fry lid for dry cooking functions like bake, broil, and air fry.

One of the biggest complaints many people have about multi-cookers is that they cannot be crisp, so the skin of the chicken is soggy. The Foodi allows you to pressure cook a whole chicken and then brown the skin in the same appliance. You can also make French fries, desserts, or anything else you can think of.

Breville Fast Slow Pro

Breville Fast Slow Pro

Breville has gained recognition for its high-tech, high-quality kitchen appliances, and this 6-quart multi-kitchen is no exception. It has a large LCD screen with plenty of information and pressure and slow cook settings to tackle everything from desserts to bone-in meat dishes. If the Instant Pot doesn’t feel right for you, this is an alternative that will still give you plenty of different cooking options and useful modern safety features.

Hamilton Beach 37571 Digital Multicooker

If staying on budget is a priority for you, you will appreciate this Hamilton Beach model, which is priced under $ 100 but retains many of the features you are looking for, including 14 presets, easy sauté or steam, modes. Warm and Delay for planning ahead and a compact, hermetically sealed design. There’s even a steam basket included that doubles as a rice rinser! However, at 4.5 quarts, this model is slightly smaller than our other picks, making it more suitable for individual users and couples than large families.

Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus

If you don’t mind Wi-Fi, check out this popular Instant Pot model. It’s more affordable than the Wi-Fi version, but with the same great kitchen benefits and powerful settings. Also note the flexible purchasing options for this model – options range from 3 to 8 quarts, but we like the 6 quart option in the middle of the way. This Instant Pot model includes a new 1200-watt heating element that heats up even faster and makes stir fry easy, plus 48 customizable options for everything from sous vide to soups to ribs. Add the famous Instant Pot safety plus the great display features, and you’ve got a great recipe.

De’Longhi FH1363 MultiFry Extra

De'Longhi FH1363 MultiFry Extra

De’Longhi takes an innovative approach to the multicooker world. This pot can hold cakes, potatoes, fish, meat, and other dishes that can be cooked, baked, or roasted… but its true specialty is low-oil frying. If you’ve always wanted a frying device for your kitchen but couldn’t justify the expense, this model will let you get away with doing everything else too (well, except pressure cooking). It also has an internal (and removable) paddle to automatically stir in dishes where ingredients must be mixed.

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