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And here we can find two types of TVs: those that can be controlled using a smart product, such as a speaker with Alexa. And then there are Smart TVs that incorporate a microphone in the remote control so you can activate the voice assistant that is compatible. Obviously, the second solution is much more useful, so we are going to focus on these types of devices.

Advantages of TVs with a microphone on the remote

samsung 55q60t

The truth is that the advantages offered by a smart TV with a built-in microphone are obvious. To begin with, and as expected, through the remote control you can control the voice assistant to carry out all kinds of actions depending on your needs. For example you can ask Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to tell you about the traffic on the way to work, to inform you of the weather in your area, to make you a reminder of all the appointments you have scheduled for the day … Let’s see what options you will not lack precisely.

And then you have to consider the benefits of voice assistants built into a smart TV. More than anything because you can also make voice commands related to the applications and functions that your television incorporates. For example, you still want to see a new chapter of your favorite series on Netflix. In this case, you will only have to tell the voice assistant to put the corresponding chapter for you. For example, if you are a fan of La casa de papel, ask your television «Put me the last chapter of La casa de papel on Netflix» and your Smart TV will do all the work.

Not to mention the fact that your Smart TV will become a command center capable of controlling any device compatible with the voice assistant that you have integrated into your TV. For example, if you have smart bulbs at home, you can ask the Smart TV to turn them on or off.

It is very easy to use

On the other hand, you may be concerned about how difficult it is to use a remote with a built-in microphone. Nothing is further from reality. All you have to do is press the corresponding button on the remote to activate the voice assistant. Keep in mind that Samsung has its own assistant, Bixby, but you can activate Alexa or Google Assistant without any problem.

Now that the advantages offered by this type of Smart TV have become clear, in addition to the fact that it is very easy to activate a voice assistant with the remote control, we leave you with ten models that are compatible so that you can enjoy an experience of use lives up to expectations.

Samsung QLED 8K 2020 75Q800T

The first model that we want to recommend you is this impressive TV from the Korean manufacturer. We talk about the Samsung QLED 8K 2020 82Q800T, a 8K Smart TV which guarantees the best image quality. Highlight its processor, which is capable of scaling any content that is being played to view it in 8K. The result will surprise you!

Samsung QLED 4K 2019 65Q90R

Samsung QLED 4K 2020 55Q95T

We continue with another model from the Seoul-based manufacturer that will more than meet your expectations. More, if one takes into account that the Samsung QLED 4K 2019 65Q90R It incorporates a microphone in the remote, as well as all kinds of technologies to offer the best image quality, including support for HDR10 +.

Philips 55OLED804 / 12

Philips 55OLED804

We go to the Dutch manufacturer, since it is another of the heavyweights in the sector, and a firm that does not hesitate when it comes to incorporating a microphone into the remote control to be able to enjoy the benefits of Alexa or Google Assistant. Add to it an exquisite design, support for the main HDR standards, including Dolby Vision, and Ambilight technology for a complete product.


Promotional image of the LG OLED CX 65 Smart TV

Another excellent option to consider is the LG OLED CX. A model that shines with its own light thanks to minimalist frames so that the screen is the main protagonist of your living room, along with superb image quality.

Samsung QLED 2020 65Q70T

Smart TV Samsung QLED Q70T

Continuing with this compilation with the best Smart TVs that you can buy if you want a model with a microphone on the remote, we return to the Asian giant to recommend its Samsung QLED 2020 65Q70T. A very complete model that will become an excellent option to consider if you have bought a new generation console.


LG Smart TV

Another excellent option is the LG C9. An OLED model that has currently reduced its price significantly due to the launch of newer models, but which is still one of the most powerful OLED Smart TVs you will find. And at a very attractive price!

Sony KD-55AG9

Smart TV Sony KD-55AG9 hanging on the wall

The Japanese manufacturer is another of the heavyweights so it could not miss its Sony KD-55AG9 in this compilation. A model that boasts Android TV as an operating system so you can install all kinds of games and applications without any problem. And its image quality will surprise you.

Samsung QLED 4K 2020 43Q60T

side of the Samsung 43Q60T Smart TV

The last Samsung TV that we want to recommend is the Q60T in its 43-inch version. A perfect model to hang in the room and make the most of its incredible image quality.

Philips Ambilight 58PUS8505 / 12

Smart TV Philips Ambilight 75PUS8505 / 12

Another excellent option from the Dutch manufacturer can be seen in the Philips Smart TV 58PUS8505 / 12. A model that boasts Android TV as its operating system, as well as three-point Ambilight technology and an attractive design where noble finishes give this TV a very attractive appearance.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S

Smart TV Xiaomi Mi TV 4S

We close this compilation with the Xiaomi Mi TV 4S, a smart TV with Android TV that will more than meet your expectations by offering great image quality for very little money. A full-fledged bargain!

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