The best external batteries of 30,000 mAh and more

And it is that, there is no use having an external battery if its load capacity is not even capable of fully charging our smartphone. Mobile phones increasingly include milliamp capacity, such as 5,000, 6,000 and up to 7,000 mAh batteries. For this reason, it is necessary for us to expand the capacities of external batteries, since using the old ones that we have at home will not give us even to begin with.

30,000 mAh JIG

We are facing a powerful powerbank of no less than 30,000 mAh. It features a 3-input design for recharging with a USB C, lightning or micro USB cable. Three-outlet ports provide simultaneous high-speed charging to 3 devices at the same time. It also features a five-signal LED indicator to more accurately monitor the remaining charge in the external battery. It also has a button to activate a super bright flashlight, which is very useful for emergency lighting situations. Its price is 32.95 euros.

JIGA Power Bank 30,000

30,000 mAh Bextoo Powerbank

A large capacity external battery, which equals the 30,000 mAh of the previous but it is somewhat cheaper. This capacity is equivalent to being able to charge an iPhone 11 Pro about 7 times or an iPhone Mini three times. It has 2 USB output ports, which can intelligently detect your device and provide high-speed charging for two devices at the same time. Its LCD screen shows the remaining power (0% -100%), so you can more clearly monitor the remaining power. Its price is 25.95 euros.

Bextoo Power Bank 30000mAh

50,000 mAh Krisdonia

In this case we are facing a battery beast with no less than 50,000 mAh. It has four exit ports (TYPE-C, USB1, USB2, DC output) and can charge two notebooks and two phones simultaneously. In addition, this external battery includes 28 types of connectors for most popular laptops, including the Apple Macbook Pro and the Air. Its price is 149.50 euros.

Krisdonia 50000mah

Generic 20,000 mAh battery

In Gearbest we find this stylishly designed 20,000 mAh battery and capable of charging two devices at the same time. It is a very economical battery but it has the necessary security elements and is capable of charging two devices at the same time. Its price is 23.02 euros, being available in black and white colors.

Mini Power bank 30000

40,000 mAh Powerbank and 18W fast charge

We end up with a powerful 40,000 mAh external battery, which is capable of charging almost any smartphone on the market 8 times. It has two charging ports for the battery itself, both microUSB and USB-C, as well as three charging ports for devices including an 18W fast charging port. Of course, it has all the necessary security measures and LEDs to control the remaining charge. Its price is 63.52 euros.

40,000 battery

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