The best discounts for Prime Day 2021 on Amazon products

The ranges of products that Amazon offers are increasing and more complete, well she can find from smart speakers; going through cheap but complete tablets; to his famous Kindle e-books that has become a reference in the market. The fact is that during a couple of days and until the stocks run out -if the case arises- you will find very important discounts that quite possibly will make you decide to buy something.

Discounts on Amazon products for Prime Day 2021

Not all the products that the well-known online store has are on sale for Prime Day 2021, but there is a large number of them among which you are sure to find something worthwhile and that you can be sure has a quality good enough to be a near perfect solution. Here are some examples:


Amazon Kindle

This is the cheapest e-book that Amazon offers, although despite this there is no lack of light on the screen or the possibility of using WiFi. Do not miss the opportunity to buy the Amazon Kindle for 22% less.

Kindle Paperwhite

Another good e-book that has a 6-inch ink screen with a more than interesting resolution. Now you can get it with a 27% discount, and take advantage of its wireless connectivity and a really wide autonomy.

Kindle Paperwhite eBook

Fire range products

Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD

An excellent way to bring a complete operating system to your TV with a small device, but which does not lack a very useful remote control and access to the Alexa voice assistant. It connects via HDMI and has an impressive 45% discount.

Fire TV Stick 4K Player

Fire HD 10

A 10.1 inch large screen cable that offers HDD resolution octa-core processor inside to keep everything running smoothly. It also includes a good amount of RAM, since it is located at 3 GB and right now it has a discount of 40%.

Tablet Fire 10

Fire TV Cube

Very good multimedia player that you can place next to the television and that right now you will get saving 42% of the price that you usually have in the online store. Compatible with 4K and Alexa, it is an excellent opportunity, since it does not lack a remote control either.

Fire TV Cube player

Fire HD 8

One of the tablets that Amazon offers on sale for celebrating Prime Day 2021 and that has an 8-inch screen with a good resolution and, also, dimensions that are quite small. Its storage is 32 GB and its discount of 45%.

Tablet Fire HD 8

Smart Speakers and Displays

Amazon Echo Dot (4th generation)

A small speaker that does not lack access to the Alexa voice assistant and a striking design. Complete and with a large number of options, right now you can get it with an impressive saving that reaches 58%.

Amazon Echo Dot

Echo Show 8

This is the new generation, one of the best smart screens on the market and that you can enjoy at home with a 35% discount. With an eight-inch screen with a camera that reaches 13 megapixels, it is also directly compatible with Alexa.

Amazon Echo Show 8 white screen

Amazon Echo

Everything you may need you will find in this smart speaker, which is the base model offered by the well-known online store and its product range. Reduced by 30% and with the integrated Alexa action option, its sound quality is quite good and its spherical design quite striking.

Echo Show 5 (1st gen)

Another good purchase option, since we are talking about an accessory that has a 56% discount. It is the first generation of this product, but that does not take away from full functionality, since its screen looks pretty good, it does not lack Alexa access and it is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Amazon Echo Show 5 offer

Echo Auto

An excellent way to bring the Alexa voice assistant to the car with this device that has a discount at the moment for Prime Day 2021 that reaches 42% and that uses Bluetooth technology to be able to access all the content you want while you go for a side to side.

Amazon Echo Auto speaker in black

Echo spot

A fairly simple accessory, but one that offers great utility, since we are talking about a smart alarm clock that has Alexa access, it includes a screen where you can even see the weather that is where it is and that right now you can buy with 42% savings .

Using the Amazon Echo Spot alarm clock

Echo Flex

This is the simplest smart speaker that Amazon has on the market right now, since it connects directly to the socket and in this way it has full functionality both to access the Alexa voice assistant and to listen to music. Your discount is 50%.

Microphone off on the Echo Flex

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