The best covers to protect the remote control of the Xiaomi TV Box

Better safe than sorry. This is the saying and that is precisely what we must do with the control of our Xiaomi TV Box. We are talking about a very small remote control and that can be damaged by accidental drops or spills of liquids. It is not necessary to have children running around the house to want to protect it, since the controls are susceptible to falling all the time or flying when you lift the blanket from the sofa or the sheet from the bed.

Xiaomi Mi TV Box 4C

The ideal protective cover

Therefore, we have made a selection with protective covers. As you can see from the design and if we do not detail it now, these covers are compatible with the Mi TV Box S and Mi TV Box X, in addition to the Mi TV Stick, which also integrates this type of control. In total there are 8 buttons and a rounded central control, including a button for the voice assistant below the off button. All these protective covers will be perfectly adapted to the remote control and will prevent it from breaking the first time you change it.

We have selected different options with design and color preferences in mind. However, all of them are light so as not to add more weight or thickness than necessary to this control knob. Its placement is also very simple, since flexible silicone is the predominant material in these products. This makes them adapt better to the contour of the hand and offer very good resistance to impacts. In addition, if one day we come to think of selling our Xiaomi TV Box, we can boast of having the remote as the first day we took it out of the box. Keep in mind that a replacement remote control for this TV Box can vary between 10 and 20 euros.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick remote

Protective covers for Xiaomi TV Box

Dpofirs Protective Cover

This is a case that offers an excellent grip with Ergonomic design that facilitates the use of the remote control. It is made of eco-friendly silicone and the surface is specially sprayed with oil. It has also been manufactured with a corner-to-corner protective fit in mind.

Dpofirs Protective Cover

Protective Silicone

A perfect cover for the control of our Xiaomi TV Box, since it is offered in a large number of colors and is made of durable and soft silicone, which adds great grip and protection against falls. It is perfect for handling by children due to its light weight, providing maximum protection, non-slip, anti-dust and shockproof and washable. It is also ideal to hang on the sofa or next to the television.

Protective Silicone Remote

Dailylime Cover

Another case made of silicone that offers light weight, providing maximum protection, non-slip and it is dustproof, shockproof, and washable. It also has a light effect to find the remote much better at night or when the light is off. In this case, the cover respects the original color of the hand so that it does not give the feeling that it is wearing anything.

dailylime Cover

Controller Case

This durable silicone protective cover for Mi TV Box protects against accidental drops and adds a better grip to the remote control. It is specially designed to better protect all the edges and corners of the remote control. It also offers luminescence in the dark so it can be better located. It is offered in various colors such as black, green, red or blue.

Remote Control Case


In this case we have a product that It is made of eco-friendly silicone material and a much thicker design, provides protection for all edges and especially corners, preventing the remote from slipping, cracking or scratching. It perfectly respects all buttons, ports and functions, also providing good protection to all edges and corners of the remote control.


LEXIANG Silicone Case

Another good option is this Lexiang case made of silicone. Protect the more sensitive control elements such as corners or the infrared sensor. It is offered in a large number of colors and offers great resistance. In this case it covers the entire surface of the remote except the buttons.

LEXIANG Silicone Case

Xuanshengjia Silicone Case

We are facing one of the cheapest options on the entire list. Many users do not want to spend more than necessary on these types of protectors. It is understandable and for that reason this may be the perfect option. This Xuanshengjia case offers strength, durability, flexibility and total protection on the Xiaomi TV Box remote. The manufacturer details that this case is made of top quality silicone, harmless to your pets or children.

Xuanshengjia Case

Likeitwell cover

The good thing about this silicone case is that it comes with a perfect lanyard to enhance grip security. That is, if in addition to protecting it with this resistant silicone case, we grab it with the cord, the chances of it falling are drastically reduced. Is also available in a large number of colors and allows you to see yourself in the dark.

likeitwell Cover


Total protection and forever, with this pack of six covers for the control of the Mi TV Box. The truth is we will fully wrap the remote in this piece of silicone, fully adapted and made of resistant silicone. By including six models, we will have colors to vary and change whenever we need it.


YUYAN Housing

We finish the list with this Yuyan case, which ensures total resistance against blows of considerable height. The controller will be protected 360 degrees as we greatly improve the grip. It also offers several colors to choose from and its materials are durable and quality.

YUYAN Housing

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