The best bluetooth adapters for the Nintendo Switch

As they say, there is always a broken for a ripped and this case was not going to be less. The reality is that the Nintendo Switch does have Bluetooth connectivity, but this is limited or reserved for use with its own controllers. This limits some functions that could be carried out, such as using bluetooth headphones or connecting alternative controls with which we can feel more comfortable. Nintendo prefers to have its ecosystem more controlled and has preferred not to make it so “easy”.

The solution is simple and cheap

Luckily, we can use a number of accessories that enable the console to have Bluetooth connectivity. These are adapters that connect to the console’s USB-C port (or the 3.5mm jack) and act as a bluetooth receiver. Because of this, other peripherals can be easily connected. However, it must be taken into account that this solution, despite being perfectly valid for most users, can be unstable at times. It can’t be compared with the best latency and quality of a wired connection, but it will certainly fix the ballot for many people looking for a solution. Then we leave you with a few options, with the common denominator that they all have a good quality / price ratio.

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Bluetooth adapters for the Switch

ZIOCOM Nintendo Switch Adapter

This Ziocom brand bluetooth transmitter is exclusively custom made for the Nintendo Switch. That ensures a safe and perfect installation. It does not require a battery, but has built-in smart USB PD pass-through charging technology. Also has wireless audio streaming even with switching load and with overheating protection. It has a range of up to 10 meters and its technology is bluetooth 5.0.

ZIOCOM Nintendo Switch Adapter

UGREEN Bluetooth adapter

Another great option is this adapter from Ugreen. In this case, we are looking at a mini transmitter for Nintendo Switch, which has Bluetooth 5.0, which guarantees a stable transmission with high sound quality. In this case, connection is made via the 3.5mm port on the console. It allows the simultaneous and delay-free connection of two Bluetooth headsets and has Qualcomm aptX low latency technology. This option does incorporate a 120 Hz battery and weighs only 13 grams.

UGREEN Bluetooth adapter

GULIkit Route Air +

This is one of the thinnest Bluetooth wireless audio adapters, as it is only 5mm thick. It has also been made exclusively for Nintendo Switch. When connecting, it supports two HIFI audio wireless headphones simultaneously, thanks once again to Qualcomm aptX low latency technology. It takes its power directly from the console, so it does not require downloads since it is plug and play.

GULIkit Route Air +

Adapter for Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite

Speakers, headphones, additional controls and whatever we need to connect to our Switch and Switch Lite, will be possible thanks to this small adapter. However, it is also ideal for allow a PC or other non-Bluetooth device use Bluetooth headphones and speakers. It has real-time audio synchronization to avoid delays and an automatic reconnection system to the last paired device.

Bluetooth adapter for Switch

Lioncast adapter

Perfect solution to have bluetooth connectivity to our service on the console. East adapter is very easy to use and pair. The manufacturer also highlights that it supports native voice chats for popular games such as Fortnite, Warframe, Warface, Smite, Paladins, DC Universe Online, Friday the 13th, Rogue Company, Spell Break or Dauntless.

Bluetooth adapter for Nintendo Switch Lioncast

Audio Adapter for Switch

This mini magnetic shell design adapter is very lightweight. It allows you to store it anywhere and take it anywhere. It already integrates a microphone, so there is no need to connect an additional one. It also supports up to two bluetooth devices simultaneously and its colors are consistent with the console.

Audio Adapter for Switch

WeChip Adapter

Another very slim adapter, perfect for not adding weight or thickness to the console. Quality is also assured in this case, since it has the Qualcomm aptX Low Latency codec and HIFI digital audio. The manufacturer also details its advanced audio distribution A2DP, CSR Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This means that each movement will be synchronized with the sound, thus avoiding the dreaded delays.

WeChip Adapter

Audio Transmitter for Switch

This Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Audio Adapter is equipped with a powerful processor, which supports more stable transmission and a low latency codec to eliminate audio lag and achieve perfect real-time audio synchronization. You can get flawless sound quality, a pleasant gaming experience and a transmission of up to 10 meters without barriers without any loss.

Bluetooth Adapter For Nintendo

Wireless Audio Transmitter

Another great option as this adapter adopts aptx low delay codec to eliminate lags, ensuring smooth transmission and providing excellent. There is also no need to download an additional driver as it is plug and play. The luck of having Bluetooth 5.0 is that it allows a transmission of up to 10 meters without any loss.

Bluetooth adapter for Nintendo Switch

AQCTIM Dongle Adapter

We finish the list with the last option, different from the others. In this case the adapter will hang from the Nintendo as Dongle style. It features 3.5mm mini microphone to enhance the sound quality of the original built-in microphone. Connects very easily with a button. In addition, an LED indicator will alert us that the connection has been made successfully.

AQCTIM PS5 Audio Dongle Adapter

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