The best accessories for scuba diving or snorkeling with your mobile

Although it is increasingly common to have waterproof mobiles, it is still one of the most delicate elements. If we are going to dive, snorkel or dive of any kind, the mobile phone can be a good companion, but we must always ensure that your protection is adequate. For that reason, we are going to leave you with some accessories that are ideal for this practice, where the protection of the smartphone must be the highest priority.

What to keep in mind

To make a selection of accessories, we have taken into account some of great utility as protective casing of various styles. We must always look at the technical specifications of each of them. If they are products specially designed to protect from water, we will have to know up to what meters or pressure are really efficient. However, if our smartphone already has some type of IP certificate and we also give it this extra protection, we will minimize the chances of damage. In the following selection we leave you with various accessories, which are perfect to be able to carry out water activities with your mobile. Among them we find hermetic cases, submersible headphones or waterproof bags.

case for mobile and diving

Accessories for scuba diving

Mobile Waterproof Bag

A perfect product for diving, since we are before a robust bag with ABS buckle. It is very easy to put in and take out items, with a strap to wear on the waist or shoulder. In addition to the mobile, you can carry other items such as your wallet or keys. As it is made of a quality, durable and waterproof material, it resists submersion to a depth of 20 m. It also has a transparent window so you can see directly what is in the bag.

Mobile Waterproof Bag

IPOW, Waterproof waist bag

An ideal pack with a waterproof case that allows you to integrate smartphones from 3.5 to 6.5 inches. It is made of high quality PVC, resistant to tears, anti-scratches and without seams. It is ideal for short dives, since It has an IPX-8 certificate, which allows it to be under water 10 meters for 30 minutes. It has three zipper closures to seal and a velcro closure to ensure that no water enters during water sports.


KYG Waterproof Waterproof Bag

Another great option to immerse yourself with your mobile is this waterproof bag with airtight double overlap roll top To the water provides the good waterproof performance, and the double layer provides additional safety. Thanks to its design, it allows you to unlock the screen and take photos with your mobile without having to remove it. It also allows you to store other things like wallets, keys or emergency accessories.

KYG Waterproof Bag

Remote control selfie stick

Once the mobile is protected, we can use a selfie stick to dive, as long as it is stainless steel as is the case. Its telescopic bar extends up to 80 cm and can rotate 90 degrees. It also has a remote trigger, but in this case it cannot be used underwater.

remote control selfie stick

Driving Headphones

If we are going to dive we can even do it with headphones, which will also help us to swim in the pool. These headphones are IPX8 certified, so they are submersible up to three meters deep. Thanks to its open-ear design, it allows us to stay alert to ensure your safety and to prevent hearing damage.

Driving Headphones

Republe, waterproof bag

This is one of the cheapest solutions that we can opt for if we are going to submerge the mobile. In this case it is a totally hermetic cover with a security seal, to be able to use the terminal under water. Its design includes a rope, to be able to carry it easily and prevent loss. In addition, it includes a liminous strip, which can glow in the dark, which makes it perfect for finding the terminal in case of loss in a dark environment.

Republe Mobile Phone

Heitune Rain Cover

A good alternative is this case from Heitune, as allows you to use the mobile underwater while we touch the screen or we take photos. It is made of high-permeability TPU waterproof membrane, four-layer sealing system and double-closure design.

Heitune Case

AICase Waterproof Case

Undoubtedly one of the best options is the AICase, since it allows submerge the mobile up to 15 meters safely, while doing scuba diving or other aquatic activity. It also has a hole to install photography equipment such as a tripod or a stabilizer. It also comes with a neck strap for comfortable carrying. The housing has an anti-reflective optical glass lens, perfect for taking crystal-clear photos.

AICase Case

Cressi Dry Bag Waterproof Backpack

The Cressi Dry Bag is a practical waterproof bag to carry objects such as a mobile and protect them from water and other elements such as dirt, water or snow. Keep in mind that this 10-liter bag allows us to snorkel while the bag remains afloat with our objects in a safe place. In this case it is not suitable for a full dive. It is available in an infinity of colors.

Cressi Dry Bag

Qinlorgon Corrosion resistant

We are not going to touch the Mariana Trench but “almost”. This high-quality housing allows We submerge the mobile up to 45 meters deep without suffering any damage. It is made of high quality durable polycarbonate and ABS and is corrosion resistant, long service life. Thanks to the treatment of its screen we can see a clear image and it is easy to control underwater. It has a complete and seamless sealing system to avoid scratches and dirt.

Qinlorgon Resistant

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