The AirPods Pro offer for only 199 euros. Limited units!

And, although its official price is 279 euros, now you can buy the AirPods Pro with a discount that leaves them below 200 euros. Yes, for only 199 euros you will be able to enjoy the best Apple TWS headphones. Without a doubt, a bargain height to enjoy the best acoustic landscape wherever you are.

Of course, we are facing a eBay offer with limited units. So, seeing the low price of these headphones, don’t miss the opportunity to buy the AirPods Pro cheaper than ever. Only have Android devices? You can be very calm, since Apple headphones are compatible with any operating system. It is true that you will lose some other function, such as the possibility of activating Siri, but it is a lesser evil that does not detract from this offer.

AirPods Pro
An exquisite design

The Cupertino-based manufacturer stands out because all its products exude quality from each of its pores on an aesthetic level. Yes, Apple takes great care in the design of all its gadgets so that they make a difference. And the Pro model of Apple’s AirPods family of headphones was not going to be an exception.

In addition to having premium finishes that will make you the center of attention, the team behind the development of these helmets has included a series of improvements to improve their usability. The most surprising? These headphones at last They feature interchangeable ear pads.

In this way, you can choose the pad that best suits your ear to enjoy better sound, as well as greater noise cancellation. The icing on the cake is its light weight, since with 6 grams per helmet it is clear that these TWS headphones are really light.

AirPods Pro design

They sound really good

Continuing with the reasons why buying Apple’s AirPods Pro is a sure hit, saying that inside these helmets there are hidden 10mm drivers that are capable of supporting ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hz. With this, it is possible to offer a very decent sound quality.

We cannot forget about the different microphones that these headphones incorporate on the outside. What are they for? Well, they are in charge of Capture any outside sound and override it using software processing to deliver some of the best noise cancellation you’ll find in the industry.

Part of the credit goes to Apple H1 processor that integrate these headphones, and that it has some very interesting functions, such as the possibility of activating Siri through voice commands. Perfect if you don’t want to take out your mobile phone. As for the battery of the Pro model of the Apple AirPods family, highlight its 20 hours of autonomy using the charging case that is included.

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