The 8 weirdest inventions unveiled at CES 2021

Today the last day of Consumer Electronics Show this year, through each transmission we have witnessed amazing innovations such as flying cars, robots that serve you at home and cell phones that roll up. But we have also seen quite curious technological products parade that we could not let go unnoticed. These are the eight weirdest inventions unveiled at CES 2021.

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1. A robot-hamster

MOFLIN is an AI pet that has emotional capabilities that evolve like a real pet and allow it to respond and express its feelings. Its soft fur and the cute sounds it makes make it adorably strange.

2. A collar that allows you to understand your dog

The necklace PetPuls It has microphones and AI to detect your dog’s barking and translate them through an app on your cell phone, which you can download taking advantage of the Gigas of your Unlimited Friend of Telcel with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage. This way you will know if your puppy is happy, anxious, sad, angry and relaxed.

4. A robot pillow with a cat’s tail

It’s called Qoobo, it was designed by Shunsuke Aoki and it’s literally a round pillow covered in hair that moves as you pet it. Made especially for those who cannot have pets at home.

5. Horn that works with the water in your shower

This invention is the dream of many, if you are one of those who love to sing in the shower, you will definitely want it at home. The Shower Power 100% of its energy from water, providing endless hours of listening in your bathroom.

6. A $ 16,000 bathtub

This is Kohler’s new smart bathtub that is activated with voice commands. Just ask him to fill up with water, put colored lights or aromatherapy combinations to do it automatically. Its cost is almost 16 thousand dollars. Would you be willing to pay it?

7. A technological lipstick

L’OrĂ©al introduced a cosmetic device under the Yves Saint Laurent brand, which contains three cartridges of liquid lipstick. With an included brush, so you can mix tones until you get the color you want.

8. Capsule-based ice cream machine

Just as there are machines where you put a capsule and instantly get hot coffee, now you can get ice cream. ColdSnap can make ice cream of different flavors, frozen yogurt, protein shakes, cocktails and slushies depending on the giant capsule you insert. We want it!

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Which of these weird inventions would you like to try?

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