The 8 great surprises of the opening of the 2020 Games

No one doubted that 2020 Games opening in Tokyo they would be something memorable, full of technology, music and culture. Everything turned out as expected; Japan proved once again to be a representative nation in the world of technology, video games and that it has brilliant minds that achieved an incredible presentation.

The 2020 Games opening in Tokyo It began at 6 am (Mexico time), of which emblematic moments in sports history will endure. But don’t worry, if you couldn’t be present, here we share the eight surprises with which Tokyo started the great world event.

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Drones and video games among the great surprises of the opening of the 2020 Games

1. Video game songs that sounded during the inauguration

During the parade of the athletes and their delegations, several representative songs of the Japanese country sounded in the background.

In total there were 19 different themes, with which Tokyo took the opportunity to remind the world that they are the number one nation in the creation of video games. Among these themes were some of Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Sonic, Kingdom Hearts, among others.

2. The pictograms of each discipline

Another of the most significant and fun moments of the inauguration was the use of pictograms to represent each and every one of the disciplines that will be competing during the next two weeks.

The presentation consisted of a very entertaining choreography where no more than three people recreated each pictogram to perfection. An aerial presentation with more than 1,500 drones

There is no doubt that Tokyo is a pioneer in technology and innovation, and the proof of this was that they used 1824 drones to bring life to planet Earth with the song Imagine by John Lennon. A spectacle that many people could appreciate from afar.

In addition, artists such as Alejandro Sanz, John Legend and Keith Urban accompanied the classic theme of the exbeatle with a message of hope and unity. Naomi Osaka and the Olympic cauldron

Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka was in charge of lighting the Olympic flame in Tokyo, after a brief tour of different relays made up of famous former Japanese athletes, health personnel on the front line against Covid-19, a Paralympic athlete and young promises from Japan .

5. Mexican pride: Gaby López and Rommel Pacheo

One of the most anticipated moments by the Mexicans was seeing the parade of the delegation of athletes that this year will represent Mexico to the world, led by Rommel Pacheco and Gaby López, who were the standard bearers during the parade.

The joy of the Mexican athletes was present before the parade, when they sang the classic Cute sky inside the Tokyo stadium.

6. Uniforms from Mexico with embroidery from Oaxaca

The Mexican athletes paraded wearing a beautiful blue suit with Oaxacan embroidery. Each uniform was a unique piece, which had a distinctive of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, one of the regions with the greatest cultural richness in Oaxaca.

7. Parade of Tonga starring Pita Taufatofua

Tonga’s standard-bearer, Pita Taufatofua, once again became the standard-bearer of his nation, captivating the millions of people who witnessed the ceremony, as he appeared bare-chested, wearing an emblematic outfit of his community.

Obviously the reactions on social networks did not wait, making it one of the favorite moments of the night.

8. One minute of silence

The 2020 Games in Tokyo will remain in everyone’s memory because they are taking place at a time when the world is facing a pandemic, which still continues despite the effort to vaccinate the largest number of people. For that reason, during the inauguration a minute of silence was requested to honor those who are no longer there due to the disease.

At the opening of Tokyo 2020, a minute of silence was observed for those affected by Covid-19 - Hello Telcel blog
Photo: Instagram @marcaclaro

It will be two weeks of arduous competition where each athlete will give their best to get on the podium and win a prestigious medal, where without a doubt you cannot miss the participation of the Mexican team, following every detail through Clear Brand Y Claro Sports, wherever you are with Telcel you have #TokioEnTusManos.

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If you enjoyed the opening, what other moment would you add to this list of surprises? 😍

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