The 10 best episodes of the Simpson family according to critics

Throughout its more than 700 chapters, the Simpson family He has given us memorable moments that are always a good reference for real situations. But have you ever wondered what its best chapters are?

Thanks to the score it gives IMDb, here we can share the best chapters of the Simpson family according to the critics. Episodes that we will never tire of seeing and that have long become a reference in popular culture. Check below the top and tell us, is your favorite among them?

These are the ten best episodes of the Simpson family according to IMDb

10. Homer family size

In his attempt to become the fattest and laziest man in the world, Homer decides to stop watching his weight and gain as much weight as possible to never go to the office again. The funniest thing is that he succeeds and his body ends up being the salvation from a nuclear explosion.

Score: 9.0

Homer family size, one of the best chapters of The Simpsons - Blog Hola Telcel

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9. The Springfield Secret Files

Without doubt, this chapter is also one of the crossover most emblematic of the series, where the protagonists of The secret X files They have to solve a new mystery, but this time in Springfield.

Score: 9.0

The secret files of Springfield, among the best episodes of the series - Hello Telcel blog

8. Last departure to Springfield

When Mr. Burns decides to withdraw dental insurance from his employees, Homer becomes the union leader for better benefits. All for one simple purpose: Ready needs to use brakes!

Score: 9.0

last outing to Springfield among the chapters best rated by IMBd.- Blog Hola Telcel

7. Marge against the monorail

Mr. Burns is fined three million dollars for dumping nuclear waste in the city park, so Marge suggests that Springfield use the money to improve the street, but a stranger named Lyle Lanley suggests that the city better buy a monorail. This is how one of the series’ most memorable rivalries begins.

Score: 9.0

Marge against the monorail among the best episodes of the Simpson family - Hello Telcel blog

6. New York City vs. Homer

Besides Ned Flanders, there will hardly be someone or something that Homer hates, except New York City, which is in charge of making poor Simpson’s life miserable over and over again.

Score: 9.1

The city of New York against Homer, the best episodes of The Simpsons - Hello Telcel blog

5. Who killed Mr. Burns? Part 1

The villainy of Mr. Burns is by far one of the best parts of the series, but in this chapter someone decides to shoot him and the goal is to find out who was the culprit.

Score 9.1

Who killed Mr. Burns?  Part 1 is one of the best chapters of the Simpson family.- Blog Hola Telcel

Four. Little House of Terror V

We are sure that Little House of Terror V The Simpsons is perhaps the most famous Halloween special in the series. This is because it is the best parody of The glow, the classic horror movie, where Homer becomes a murderer and tries to kill his family while guarding Mr. Burns’ mansion.

In addition, this special also has a chapter on time travel through a toaster and a tale of cannibalism at Bart and Lisa’s school.

Score: 9.1

La casita del terror V, the best Halloween special of The Simpsons - Hello Telcel blog

3. Cape of fear

This chapter has scenes that today are a delight to enjoy. It is when the criminal Bob PatiƱo is looking for Bart to exact revenge. A chapter that honors the film of the same title.

Score: 9.1

Cabo del Fear, among the best-rated episodes on IMDb.- Hello Telcel blog

2. Only move twice

This chapter is when Homer manages to get an incredible job, forcing him to move out of Springfield along with the entire Simpson family. However, the change does not sit well with everyone and it is discovered that Homer’s new boss is one of the most fearsome villains: Han Scorpio!

Score: 9.2

He only moved twice, among the best chapters of the Simpson family - Hello Telcel blog

1. Homer’s enemy

And finally, the number one position is occupied Homer’s enemy, when the humble Frank Grimes arrives at the nuclear power plant and immediately envies him when he sees how Homer has achieved so much by not being as smart as he thinks he is. You remember?

Score: 9.3

Homer's enemy, the best chapter of The Simpsons - Hello Telcel blog

With more than thirty years on the air and the success of the Simpson family, the series has also managed to have its own films such as The Simpsons: The Movie, which you can enjoy at include Disney + in your current Telcel Plan or to sign up for a Disney + Max Play Plan, to relive one of the funniest adventures of the yellow family. #All in the same place

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Of course, this list is missing many more memorable chapters, but so far these are the best-scoring ones. What else would you add to the top ten?

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