Tesla Bot | Elon Musk presents his humanoid robot


During AI Day Elon Musk surprised by presenting his Tesla Bot, a robot that aims to replace humans in different risky tasks

The development of robots to perform different activities, however Elon musk surprised by presenting his humanoid robot called Tesla Bot.

The big surprise of AI Day (Artificial Intelligence Day) was this robot which will aim to replace humans in different risky, repetitive or boring tasks.

Tesla Bot It measures 1.76 meters and weighs 56 kilograms, which would allow it to perform different movements just like humans. According to the first reports, it could load up to 20 kilograms and move at a maximum speed of 8 km / h.


Elon musk He explained that for the creation of this robot, light materials will be used, but at the same time they are resistant and durable.

The great feature of Tesla Bot is that it will be integrating with the necessary hardware to imitate human behavior, taking into account all its movements.

“If you think about what we’re doing with cars right now, Tesla is possibly the largest robotics company in the world because our cars are like semi-sensitive robots on wheels.”

Tesla Bot it will have a brain similar to the one that “makes the Autopilot of its electric cars possible.” In other words, it integrates “its own FSD (Full Self-Driving) computer and 8 cameras to move autonomously”.

It will have 40 electromechanical actuators throughout its body that will allow it to carry out the necessary movements.


Instead of a face, it will have a large screen where it will display different information. Thanks to its system the robot You will be able to identify the objects around you and react to them in the most natural way possible.

Tesla Bot You will be able to continue learning constantly to be able to act better in the different situations that arise.

Elon musk detailed that the first prototype of his humanoid robot could be ready by 2022.

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