Tesco uses Netcall to speed up the insurance claims process

Tesco Underwriting, the underwriter of Tesco Bank’s auto and home insurance policies, has used Netcall’s low-code software to improve its Net Promoter Score (NPS).

The low code application has been used to streamline business processes that support complex insurance claims, enabling Tesco Underwriting to increase the efficiency with which it processes claims.

Tesco Underwriting worked with Netcall to evaluate ways of working, processes and technology for complex claims. One of the areas it addressed was effective workflow management, to ensure that claims managers could accurately identify the priority status of work. Tesco Underwriting needed a system that could provide complete visibility of all claims and the administrators assigned to them, as well as show the order of priority and provide the ability to make adjustments as needed.

Three members of the Tesco Underwriting continuous improvement team were trained over three days to use the Netcall Liberty Create code platform. This team of three then developed a customizable app to help manage the internal claims workflow.

The application development process took less than three weeks for the full implementation, including the training period. Developing software using traditional methods would normally take much longer. Often it only takes three weeks to qualify. By using Netcall Liberty Create, Tesco Underwriting was able to take the desired agile approach to achieve faster turnaround time.

The company said it could now provide its handlers with a visual tool that automatically prioritizes each claim, while also breaking down individual work queues. Being able to build a prototype during the training stage and in a short period of time allowed Tesco Underwriting to move quickly and show a quick time to value to stakeholders.

“The speed and agility that the low-code platform has given us has meant that we were able to build, iterate, and change processes very quickly and effectively. Without the project, I don’t think we would have been able to achieve the NPS and the efficiency benefits that we have obtained; the speed and agility have been fantastic, ”said Neil Arrowsmith, director of operational excellence for Tesco Underwriting.

The company said it had also seen a significant increase in claims handling efficiency, with the number of claims processed per hour increasing by 57% since the implementation of the low-code-based application.

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