Temporary mode on Instagram: what is it and how is it activated

With the latest Instagram update, messages that disappear after being read have started to arrive. Here we explain how the Temporary mode.

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What is Temporary Mode on Instagram?

As the name implies, this is Instagram’s temporary messages feature. Like the arrival of the ephemeral chats of WhatsApp and Facebook MessengerThis time we will explain how this tool works in the social network of photos.


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Here the temporary messages differently from those of WhatsApp, which will disappear every 24 hours. On Instagram, messages, whether text, images, videos, gifs or stickers, will be deleted when you close the conversation in which they were written.

At Instagram temporary mode you cannot choose which messages are temporary and which are not, individually. Once you activate the function, it will be applied throughout the chat, however you can decide when to no longer keep it activated.

How to activate temporary Instagram messages?

It’s very simple, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Enter the chat you want to make ephemeral.
  • Swipe up within the chat content.
  • When activated, the screen will go black and you will receive alerts when sending messages.
  • Above you will find a button to deactivate it whenever you want.
instagram temporary mode
Photo: Instagram

The temporary mode has begun to reach some accounts, if it still does not seem to you, it will be just a matter of waiting a bit for the next update to be ready.

Are you ready to join the trend of temporary messages in all your favorite apps?

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