Televisa and Univisión join forces to create the largest streaming


To compete against streaming platforms, companies partner to offer the largest library of content in Spanish

With the Covid-19 pandemic the streaming platforms have become popular. In the market there are several options that offer different experiences to their users.

To compete strongly in this sector, Televisa and Univision decided to partner to become the main content producer of the Spanish-speaking world.


In this alliance, the television station owned by the Azcárraga family has 45% of the shares, together with Univisión, Google, SoftBank, ForgeLight. The new company is called ‘Televisa-Univision‘. According to the companies they seek to position themselves in the streaming market in Spanish.

“Its digital transformation to conquer the Spanish streaming market. For which it will launch a joint platform with a market of 600 million people who speak that language, of which 128 million are Mexican and 61 million are Hispanics who live in the United States “

Univision and Televisa announce merger

According to a statement the alliance from Televisa and Univision will offer the largest library of content in Spanish in Latin America.

“The world’s largest long form, a strong portfolio of intellectual property, as well as global sports rights. Powered by the most prolific production infrastructure in Spanish “

Televisa would contribute to its streaming platform “its open TV channels, 27 pay TV channels, its TV and film studios, Videocine content and its Blim video on demand service, its content library and its production capacity audiovisual”.


For his part Univision its two signals and that of nine other cable channels: 61 television stations and 58 radio stations. It has also just launched a digital on-demand service, Prende TV.

“The ‘library’ of content that both companies add will cover more than 300,000 hours of programming, becoming the largest depository of content and intellectual property in Spanish on the planet”

Emilio Azcárraga Jean, the executive president of TelevisaHe noted that the alliance will reach Spanish-speaking audiences. “Only 10% of the Hispanic population is subscribed to an on-demand content platform, while that percentage in the Anglo-Saxon market is 70.”

It is expected that ‘Televisa-Univision‘is available in 2022.

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