Telegram will premiere group video calls with up to 50 people

Telegram continues to innovate with new features within the desktop and mobile app. On this occasion, it has officially announced the arrival of a tool that many had been waiting for. It’s about the group video calls, which released Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, through his social networks.

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Pavel Durov CEO Telegram, announcement group video calls

The owner of Telegram He did not give many details about the new feature, as it will arrive in May and all users will be able to discover more about it.

The objective of Telegram is not to compete once again against WhatsApp, but rather be an option against Zoom, Meet or Teams, who have gained a lot of popularity in the last year due to online classes and home office.

New features coming to Telegram

Group video calls on Telegram

The new Telegram update, which will include group video calls, will arrive in the month of May for both devices Android What ios, as well as in the desktop version of the app.

Group video calls can be up to fifty people, far exceeding the eight members who can join on WhatsApp. In addition, they will have tools such as background noise cancellation and the option to share screen from any device.

Group video calls, new Telegram function, mobile devices

The best of all is that Telegram It also considered the security and privacy of the users, so all video calls will be encrypted to prevent someone outside the session, or who has not been invited, to access it.

Looking to acquire many more users

The idea of ​​Telegram is not only to compete against sites that allow group video calls, but also to increase the number of users that use the application today.

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New users Telegram 2021

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What do you think of the arrival of group video calls to Telegram? Do you think it will achieve the popularity of WhatsApp, Zoom or Teams? 😯

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