Telegram: The new functions of voice chats

If Telegram has become one of your instant messaging apps, you have surely used voice chats, which allow you to communicate more quickly, compared to the time it takes to write messages. This time, Telegram has developed new functions to improve your experience when using the platform, here we list what they are.

Telegram voice chats are releasing new features

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New Telegram functions in voice chats

Telegram gives you many tools such as the possibility of hide your last connection and his ‘walkie talkie’ function , discover these news now:

Chat information

As its name implies, the platform shows more details of the chat and its members. Each conversation has titles that allow you to know what topics are being discussed and in the participants section a brief biography of the user is shown, for example their experience and interests.

Recorded chats

This tool is very useful for administrators, as they can record the audio of a voice chat, store it and publish it later. Recorded messages appear in “Saved Messages”.

new functions of telegram voice chats

End of limitations

Now the voice chats will have unlimited capacity, that is, they will not have a user limit. A tool that can be used by administrators of channels and public groups.

Ask to speak

Hearing users can access voice chat muted. If at any time they wish to speak, they can press the “raise your hand” button so that an administrator will give you the floor.

Another feature is the ability to resume playback of long voice messages.

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