Telegram launches a new version for Android without restrictions

After the surprising growth of Telegram During 2021, the app has become one of the most downloaded and popular. It has reached more than 500 million users worldwide, being number one in recent months. However, this has also caused Google and Apple to restrict some of their functions for security reasons.

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For that reason, Telegram has released a new version of the app, in order to avoid restrictions imposed by Google. This new APK is available on the official site and it is practically the same as the Google Play version, only with two slight changes; they do not have any supervision from Google and are updated automatically.


Why did Telegram launch a new version of the app?

For Google to authorize an application to be included in its Google Play application catalog, they must have certain requirements. Google requires developers to submit each new version for review to make sure it meets their standards.

Part of this review makes some functions are disabled when downloading Telegram, in order to avoid any malware. For that reason, Telegram has developed a new alternative to download the original app from its official site, something that developers like Epic Games had already done with Fortnite.

How to download the new version of Telegram?

For now, the new version is only available for Android devices, since the operating system is demanding, but not as demanding as Apple. All you have to do to get it is enter this link and download the APK of that version.

Telegram for Android, new version without restrictions Google Download

Once downloaded, you only have to authorize the permissions and it will be enough to enjoy the new app, with full functions and without Google Play restrictions. In addition, you can take advantage of your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan gives you Double Gigas to be connected at any time and place with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the greatest Coverage.

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How safe is this new version?

It is completely safe since it is installed from the official page of the app. However, as it does not have the authorization of Google, it is possible that it will not inform you about cases of malware; Telegram would take care of this.

Telegram mobile app download

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So we recommend you navigate the app safely and carefully, without entering groups that you think are suspicious, so you can enjoy the app without worry. 😉

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