Telegram: How to hide your last connection time?

In the last weeks Telegram has gained greater strength over other social networks and is that many users have decided to join the instant messaging app and test its multiple functions. If you are one of them, you are at the right time to discover more about it, for example, How to hide your last connection time?

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In Telegram and WhatsApp the last connection time appears in all chats and is to know if someone is online or how long ago they last connected. However, there are those who prefer to keep their privacy safe and hide this information from others. In Telegram it is very simple to do and here we show you how.

How to hide your last Telegram connection?

1. Open the Telegram application from your phone.
2. Go to the menu with three lines and once there choose the option “Settings”.

3. Now select the option “Privacy & Security”.

4. In the section “Last time online” click and select the option you want.
5. You can choose that Everyone, My Contacts or No one can see it.
6. Then just click on the popcorn in the upper right and voila.

Telegram settings how to hide last connection time

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