Telegram celebrates record of users and WhatsApp launches new update

There are more and more users who use Telegram, especially if at some point WhatsApp is out of service. However, the Facebook app does not want to stop innovating to finally continue to be the most used app in the world. That is why it continues to work on new updates.

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The success of Telegram in recent days

After some technical failures suffered by Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook a few days ago, many turned to Telegram to communicate with co-workers, friends or family, obtaining 70 million new users on the platform.

Thanks to this new number of people within the app, Telegram already celebrates one billion users with Android devices. Without a doubt, a well-deserved celebration after the series of innovations that the platform has been launching to make it a safe and fun tool.

Telegram even has more updates and modalities in design and emojis than WhatsApp and it is in this scenario that Facebook, the company that owns the app, recently announced a new function.

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What is the new WhatsApp feature about?

A few months ago, WhatsApp launched the first beta of a group calling tool with the option to join at any time, which will be much easier than we imagine. Now you will not have to do anything more than click the ‘Join’ button from the group chat in which the call started and voila, you will be part of the call!

With the rise in popularity of group calling, the integration of the calls feature that you can join once they have started gives WhatsApp users a new spontaneous way to connect with their friends and family groups.‚ÄĚReads an official WhatsApp statement.

In addition, the notification of a group call will bear the same name of the group from which it was made, instead of the contact who is making the call. On the other hand, in the chat list you can see if there is a call in progress and join at any time.

Finally, that notification will have a new tone that you will be able to discover very soon with your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan, since it allows you to use WhatsApp without limit and continue browsing with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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There are those who believe that this update is still below the latest Telegram implementations, although WhatsApp seeks to innovate day by day. And you, tell us which one do you prefer?

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