Telegram and three functions that you should copy from WhatsApp

In the last few months, Telegram has managed to attract thousands of users to its platform due to the new security and privacy policies of WhatsApp; where users have decided to migrate the application. This has allowed that in just 2 days Telegram has accumulated 25 million new users and 500 million active accounts in the world.

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Another reason why many have started to try Telegram is because of the wide variety of functions and news it has. But, Did you know that WhatsApp has three tools that Telegram does not?

It’s hard to believe but Telegram not yet enable these functions which in WhatsApp you can enjoy, taking advantage of the fact that with your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend you have unlimited social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat thanks to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage. Find out what they are here. 👇

3 functions that Telegram does NOT have but WhatsApp DOES

1. Group video calls

Video calls arrived just a few months ago on Telegram, a function that many had been waiting for and that for now can only be done between two users. It is said that Telegram is already working on enabling group video calls, a function that WhatsApp has to chat with several friends or family at the same time.

Video calls WhatsApp Telegram

2. Know who read your message in group chats

In Telegram group chats, when someone has already read your message, it is marked with two blue popcorn and there is no option like in WhatsApp to know exactly who in the group read it.

The only way to know that a specific member has already read your message is until that person responds to you. For that reason, it is believed that it is a good idea that Telegram should copy the WhatsApp function to see what time and who already viewed your messages.

WhatsApp group chats at what time your message was read

3. Featured messages

Finally, the option of “favorite messages” or “featured messages” is another of the tools that should be integrated into Telegram. In WhatsApp these allow you to mark a message from any chat and store it in a special section of highlighted messages. It is of great help when sharing information, photos, videos, links or any type of important message, to preserve it, not lose it between conversations or forward it.

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Do you know of any other functions that should come to the app? If so, share with us which one and tell us if you already have a favorite application between Telegram and WhatsApp. 😊

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