Telegram already allows group video calls

Telegram-Video calls

The Telegram update includes new features such as group video calls, animated backgrounds and more security for your users

After the new policies of WhatsApp, Telegram began to become very popular around the world. Since then they have improved their service to offer a great alternative to people.

The new update of the messaging application allows you to group video calls. This new tool is available in both its mobile and desktop versions.

telegam-video call

For this, it is only necessary for users to activate the camera icon in their group chats. Unlike audio, Telegram reported that video calls are limited to 30 people, although the number is expected to increase soon.

“While the participants are unlimited when using only audio. The video is currently available to the first 30 people who join the voice chat. This limit will soon increase as voice chats broadcast video games, live events and more. “

To invite other people, just touch the “Invite members” button, who can be among your contacts. Or if you prefer you can also “Copy invitation link” to share with other members.

The group video calls They come with various features as people will be able to share their screens during a video call and improved noise suppression.

Group video calls

Both in ios like in Android users will be able to use animated backgrounds, the application will have several default options, although people will also be able to create their own.

“For those who use Telegram on tablets and desktops with a wider screen, they can also choose to open the side panel or a split screen view”

Among other functions that come with the update of Telegram found, animations when sending messages, new menu button for bots, new ways to import stickers, reminders to help you keep your account safe and much more.

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