Telegram 8.0.1: Interactive emojis, video recording and much more

The new version of Telegram 8.0.1. it is not made up of a large list of new features, as was the last update. However, the new implementations on the platform are key for a more fun interaction between users and greatly add to Telegram being as useful a work tool as Zoom.

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The news of Telegram 8.0.1

As a result of the pandemic, the need for a platform with a series of functions that could replace a face-to-face meeting or even a meeting between friends became latent. And without a doubt, one of the most used functions by Zoom users is video call recording.

In most cases, to record a call from your cell phone or WhatsApp you must download an external application. However, with Telegram 8.0.1 you will now be able to record audio or video of the live broadcasts, which may already be with an unlimited number of viewers since the last update!

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Record audio and video among the news of Telegram - Blog Hola Telcel

For live broadcasts, only administrators will be able to record the streaming, with the possibility to choose if they only want to record the audio, the video or even the interactions of the spectators.

Chats will be even more fun with this new version

The second and third updates of Telegram 8.0.1 are related to individual chats. On the one hand, as you can currently do on Instagram or Facebook, you can add a custom theme for each chat. Telegram will offer you eight different designs for you to choose the one you like the most.Eight new themes for individual chats in Telegram 8.0.1 - Hola Telcel Blog

And finally, there is an improvement in the interactive emojis that were announced in the Telegram 8.0 version: they will now be in sync! That is, when your contact sees the movement of the emoji, you can also view it at the same time.

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Although this time the Telegram update was not as extensive as in previous occasions, its new functions will undoubtedly contribute to the app continues to grow in terms of number of downloads, which recently reached one billion. And you, what instant messaging service do you prefer?

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