Telcel Online Seniors Festival: Discover all the activities

Face-to-face activities have found their adaptation in the digital world and it is increasingly common to use applications to request a means of transport, buy food or even socialize. However, a large part of the Mexican population was not trained for this change that was accelerated due to the pandemic. Telcel has this in mind and will help older adults to solve their doubts about technology and social networks in the Online elder adult festival Telcel.

Of the total national population, 127.1 million inhabitants according to CONAPO, more than 14 million are over 60 years old. Unlike digital natives who have grown up with the use of social networks and applications to solve their day-to-day problems, older adults have encountered difficulties that they can solve with technology experts through forums and workshops.

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When and how to access the Telcel Online Seniors Festival?

The event will take place every Friday and will start on Friday, August 20, until it ends on Friday, September 10. The festival will begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 6:00 p.m.

Within the activities program, you can find master classes and workshops on the different ways in which we can take advantage of technology, but issues of social awareness and national culture or even recreational activities such as salsa classes and physical exercises will also be addressed.

Telcel 2021 Online Senior Adult Festival - Hello Telcel Blog

Below you can see the full program of activities:

Program of activities for the Elderly Online Festival Telcel - Blog Hola Telcel

The fantastic trip with Fernanda Tapia

As part of the interest in raising awareness about the ecosystem that shelters us, the festival will have two activities that will put us to work. The first of them will be Nature in Your House. As part of Telcel’s Nature Calls Us program, there will be a talk about the importance of protecting our forests and trees. In addition, you will be able to plant a digital tree that Telcel will turn into a real tree for the reforestation of the Monarch Butterfly Forest.

The second activity will be in charge of the journalist Fernanda Tapia, who will give us a tour of the 3 great habitats of the planet that the WWF-Telmex Telcel Foundation Alliance has in protection. In addition, it will provide us with information about the species and ecosystems, explaining their importance, as well as the efforts for their conservation.

The Telcel Online Senior Adult Festival will be completely free and you can enjoy it from the Facebook or YouTube account of the Senior Adult Portal.

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Older adults will discover more about new technologies to learn about the use of the Internet and the great scope of social networks. This issue is essential for Telcel, since as part of its actions, it dedicates efforts to digital inclusion in order to bring older adults closer to their loved ones. Telcel always committed to reducing the digital divide!

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