Technology forgets the needs of the 99%

But I can’t help but think that it would be better for tech companies and us if they focused more of their energy and marketing force on what matters to 99 percent of the people who use technology.

Smartphones are one of the most marketed products ever made. What do many people want from their phone? A fresh look, simplicity, longer battery life, low costs for device and internet browsing, and better resistance to our clumsiness.

But the hottest marketing argument for smartphones in the United States has been their ability to connect to 5G cellular internet networks, which most Americans cannot access and may not need for a long time.

When Apple spends all of its TV commercials dropping its phones down the toilet, you know the industry is thinking about the 99 percent. (Yes, I know that many phones have been made more resistant to water, including those wet in the bathroom.)

I loved this list from The Verge in 2019 of all the things the tech industry assumes everyone knows, but most humans don’t. Normal people don’t know how Facebook ads are targeting them, why Bluetooth is so unstable (or what Bluetooth is), or if they need to buy additional storage on their phones, as Apple keeps bugging them.

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