TCL Smart TV on offer that includes Android and an irresistible discount

Without being the most advanced model on the market, this TV does offer everything that you can currently look for to be satisfied with the purchase. An example of what we say is that the size of the screen is 43 inches and therefore it fits quite well in practically any place in the house. In addition, the native resolution that the LED panel has that this device has is 4K, so you will not miss any detail of the series and sporting events that you like the most … and all this with such interesting details as for example compatibility with HDR10 to always enjoy the best possible color.

Smart TV front TCL TCL 43P618

One of the great things that this TCL Smart TV has on offer is that it has a very advanced operating system, since inside this equipment you will find the development of Google Android TV. This offers the possibility of installing a large number of free apps Among which all the streaming video service clients stand out, as well as the possibility of getting games. For this purpose, it must be said that the integrated hardware is powerful enough for titles that are not very demanding to go smoothly, and that it is highly recommended to use a Bluetooth remote to fully enjoy this type of app.

Big discount to buy this TCL 43P618

If this television is exactly what you were looking for, we are going to leave you after this paragraph the link that you have to use to make the purchase calmly from home and with the good addition, but have to pay nothing for the shipping costs. Thus, you only have to pay 299.99 euros to get it, which is a 11% discount which is a most interesting figure. In addition, it is important to comment that this is a model that has a player inside. Chromecast, so you can send content directly from the phone in a very simple way and without having to put any cable in between.

Sound and other things of this TCL Smart TV on sale

Some of the virtues that the model we are talking about has to get the best experience when it comes to being quietly at home and watching a movie have to do with sound. With a power of 20 W in two independent channels (stereo), it is very positive to indicate that it includes compatibility with technologies that improve what you hear, such as Dolby Atmos. In addition, the connection options that this model has are quite numerous and positive, such as that there are three HDMI ports; digital optical audio output; and to access the Internet you have both Ethernet like Wifi.

Side of the TCL 43P618

Finally, we do not want to stop indicating that this is a very well equipped model, it is what has to do with the use of the voice, since it offers compatibility with both the google assistant as with Alexa from Amazon. Therefore, with a really low price if you decide to buy this TCL Smart TV on sale, we believe that you will make a good purchase.

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