TCL headphones on sale at Amazon for less than nine euros

The model we are talking about is the TCL SOCL300, which are connected to the sound source through the use of a connector 3.5 mm jack. This ensures high compatibility with most tablets and mobile phones, and does not require the use of any battery to be able to use the accessory we are talking about at any time. A detail that we believe is important has to do with the weight of this product, which is only 34 grams so it is practically priceless.

TCL SOCL300 Purple Headphones

Something that makes these TCL headphones on sale quite special is that they are finished in color purple, something that makes them completely different from what can usually be found in stores when buying models of this type. It is also important to note that to make use as comfortable as possible they are included with the accessory various silicone tips that ensure that the fit will be excellent for all types of users (and, therefore, when wearing them you can rest assured that they will not fall when walking with them or when making a movement that is moderately abrupt).

The TCL SOCL300 does not lack a remote control

This is an excellent detail of the product we are talking about, since thanks to this element you will not have to take the phone out of your pocket to be able to control reproductions that you have active. Thus, with the element located on the cable of the right earphone, it is possible to modify the volume you use to play the music tracks in case you need it. In addition, this accessory was integrated microphone It also allows you to answer the calls you receive and even access the voice assistants that you usually use on your tablet or smartphone.

TCL SOCL300 remote control

Offer for these TCL headphones on sale

Right now you can take advantage of a discount in the Amazon store that reaches none other than the 43%. This means that you only have to pay 8.57 euros to have the product we are talking about at home and without adding anything for shipping costs if you have a Prime account. With a quite striking design and with the inclusion of technologies that, for example, eliminate the echo in calls, we leave the link that you have to use to make the purchase reliably and very easily.

Before concluding, we must comment that it is what has to do with the quality of the sound things are not especially bad, since for example inside each earphone a 9mm driver which is capable of providing a fairly correct definition in practically all the ranges that are expected to be used today when listening to music or dialogue in the series. The truth is that these flashy helmets are a good purchase option.

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