Tamagotchi returns with camera, color screen and touch buttons


After 25 years, the Japanese company Bandai presented a new version of the Tamagotchi with which you can take photos and play online with others

Almost 25 years after its first launch on the market, the Japanese company Bandai presented a new version of the Tamagotchi.

It is a team that allows you to have a virtual pet, users must feed, bathe, be able to sleep and care like a living being. However, the new update includes camera, color screen and touch buttons.


Tamagotchi Pix maintains the original design of the model launched in 1996 with three buttons, but now they are tactile. The company improved the game options to enhance interaction and make it attractive to new generations.

The new version allows you to paint, cook or move around the real world to meet new friends.

“This is possible thanks to the incorporation of a camera for the first time, with which users will be able to take photographs and save them as memories of their adventures in their own and integrated social channel”

It is very important how the virtual pet in the Tamagotchi since it will affect the gameplay, as it will determine a future profession.

New Tamagotchi

Bandai stressed that an internet connection is not needed and connections with other people can be made through QR codes. Starting in August, it will allow users to connect online to expand their experience with new missions, items, and gifts.

Tamagotchi it was one of the best-selling devices with more than 82 million units. In the new version it can be configured in several languages.

It is already available in pre-order in two colors, pink and purple. Its price is 59.99 euros, which is equivalent to approximately $ 1,500 Mexican pesos, and it will be until the end of May that it reaches different toy stores and stores.

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