Take this Sony HT-MT300 soundbar discounted 121 euros

One of the most important gadgets that should not be missing from your Smart TV is a good sound bar. An element that will allow you to enjoy a much improved acoustic landscape, to have a better experience when watching movies and series. And now that you can buy an impressive discounted Sony sound bar, is the best time for it.

More and more people are opting for a sound bar with which to improve the limited acoustic landscape of current televisions, which due to their thinness do not have space to house proper speakers.

Since we are talking about space, one of the biggest problems when choosing a sound bar is the size it occupies. Fortunately, This Sony HT-MT300 on sale is a model that stands out mainly for its restrained appearance. And we already anticipate that she is small, but bully. So its size does not mean that it does not offer great power, quite the contrary.

sound bar sony ht m300 salon

A restrained design

Taking into account that boasts bluetooth connectivity, NFC, analog and digital inputs, along with HDMI and USB ports, we have a product that will not disappoint you at all, as you will see later.

But first, let’s talk about the incredible design of this Sony HT-MT300, a soundbar that boasts dimensions of only 56 x 16 x 52 cm, in addition to allowing it to be placed both vertically and horizontally.

Also noteworthy is the fact that You can hang it on the wall using the bracket on the back. Are you going to support it on a piece of furniture? Well, you should know that it has pads on the base to prevent vibrations from causing distortions in the sound.

To say that it also has LED indicators so that, with a simple glance, you can have control of every last detail of this soundbar from the Japanese firm.

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Great sound

Regarding the acoustic section, we already anticipate that this Sony HT-MT300 does not disappoint at all. For this, it has to start with 100 W of power, more than enough for an average room. To this must be added the Bass Reflex technology, which boosts the bass so they sound clearer and crisper for better acoustic precision.

We cannot forget another very important detail: the different sound modes included in this reduced Sony HT-MT300 bar. More than anything because it has different very interesting options. The most remarkable? No doubt the night mode, which is responsible for reducing shrill sounds and enhancing dialogues so you can watch movies and series quietly and even if there are other people sleeping at home.

As you may have seen, this Sony HT-MT300 soundbar is a real scandal at the hearing level despite its restrained design. And taking into account that, on the one hand, you can enjoy a 40% discount to save 121 euros on your purchase, and that you can also enjoy free postage, We are facing one of those bargains that you should not miss. Deal of the day on Amazon!

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