Take this Philips OLED 804 Smart TV and save 378 euros

We are talking about the Philips 55OLED804 / 12, one of the best OLED Smart TVs that you can buy and that now has a 24% discount for a limited time, so that you save 378 euros on your purchase. And taking into account the technical characteristics of this smart TV, your purchase is a sure hit.

An image quality beyond any doubt

Philips Smart TV 55OLED804 / 12

On an aesthetic level, we find a model that shines with its own light thanks to minimalist frames that make the 55-inch screen of this Smart TV the main protagonist of your living room. But leaving aside the design section, it must be said that this Philips 55OLED804 / 12 it is a height model.

To start, assemble a panel made of organic light-emitting diodes. And the advantage of OLED screens is that they achieve pure blacks, as well as allowing you to enjoy excellent image quality, regardless of the viewing angle. As if that were not enough, this model mounts the P5 Perfect Picture Engine processor, an SoC born in the Philips laboratories and that manages to improve the tonality to offer results that will simply leave you speechless.

Obviously, and how could it be otherwise in a first sword in the manufacturer’s TV catalog, this Philips 55OLED804 / 12 has support for the main HDR standards (Dolby Vision and HDR10 +). Thanks to this, you can make the most of the main on-demand content platforms, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, since they have a good number of movies and series compatible with this standard.

Android TV by flag

Philips 55OLED804 / 12 side

The truth is that Philips has its own operating system for televisions, but in this case they have opted for Android TV. And the decision could not have been more successful. To begin, you will have access to the complete catalog of games and applications available in the Google operating system for Smart TV.

To this must be added a clean and intuitive interface, where there will be no shortage of apps from any VOD platform that you want to enjoy. And beware, it is also a model certified by Google. And this translates to the fact that the Philips 55OLED804 / 12 hides a Chromecast inside. Yes, the popular dongle from the internet giant comes built into this TV.

Thanks to this, you can directly send the content of your phone screen to this Philips Smart TV. And the possibilities it offers are very varied: you can send a YouTube video that you were watching on your mobile, show your vacation photos on a bigger screen … Come on, the options offered by this component is a value to consider.

Without a doubt, we are facing one of the best 55-inch OLED Smart TVs, so seeing its discount of almost 400 euros, do not miss this bargain before it runs out.

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