Take the Smart TV Samsung QLED Q80T and save more than 300 euros

And now, thanks to the fact that Christmas is just around the corner, the Korean manufacturer has launched a very difficult offer to refuse: you can buy the Smart TV Samsung QLED Q80T with a discount of 23 percent so that you save more than 300 euros on your purchase.

Considering the exquisite design that this boasts sale QLED TV, added to the discount of 319 euros so that you can take this high-end model at a very attractive price, it is one of those offers that you should not miss.

Samsung QLED 4K 2020 55Q80T

QLED technology makes the difference

At the aesthetic level we are facing a model that boasts an impressive appearance. More than anything, because Samsung has managed to make this Smart TV of the QLED family boasts minimalist frames, so that the screen is the main protagonist of the living room.

And, since we talked about the Samsung QLED Q80T screen, say that we are facing its 55-inch version. A panel that offers 4K resolution, as well as a visual landscape beyond any doubt. One of the advantages of Quantum Dot technology is that you can view the contents in any environment. No matter what light comes in through the window, you can continue watching your favorite movie without problem.

Front image of the Samsung 50Q80T

Ambient Mode +, Filmmaker Mode support …

Continuing with the benefits of this Samsung QLED Smart TV on offer, to say that we are facing a model presented in 2020. And this has a series of notable advantages. For starters, it has the latest version of Tizen, Samsung’s smart TV operating system.

And thanks to this, you will have support for be able to use the main voice assistants (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant) using the microphone that incorporates the remote control of the Samsung QLED Q80T television.

Ambient mode Smart TV Samsung 55Q9FN

Another of the great advantages has to do with the mode Ambient Mode +. The Asian manufacturer breastfeeds with this technology, and the truth is that it is no wonder. More than anything because you will be able to blend your television with the wall to achieve an impressive effect when you are not using it.

You can also turn this QLED Smart TV into a box. Are you worried that having the TV on for hours may cause burnt pixels to appear? Samsung offers you a 10-year warranty to make it clear that this screen can handle it all. And we can’t forget about Filmmaker Mode.

We have already told you that the Q80T is a high-end model, so it has the latest technologies. And one of the big surprises comes with the fact that this Smart TV has support for Filmmaker Mode. We speak in a way that will allow you to watch movies and series as the director created them, without annoying image post-processing that causes the dreaded “soap opera effect.”

As you have seen, it is one of the best offers for buy a Samsung QLED Smart TV at the best price, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to take home one of their best televisions at a scandal price.

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