Take advantage of the bargain: Lenovo Bluetooth speaker at a laugh price

Summer is getting closer and closer to the possibility of having days off in which more time is spent outside than indoors. One of the accessories that is positive to have is the one that allows you to enjoy music wherever you are, and now you can get a Lenovo bluetooth speaker that makes this possible with a offer that you are going to love it.

Color finish black and with a very attractive design where a large button stands out in the upper area that allows you to manage options such as the volume of productions, as a good device that is designed to be carried from one place to another. dimensions you have are enough reduced as to be able to carry it in the backpack. Of course, due to its aesthetics and elongated shape, we believe that one of the best options for using this product is to be a perfect complement to work desks.

Lenovo TS32 Thinkplus Bluetooth Speaker in black color

It is what has to do with sound, this Lenovo Bluetooth speaker has two independent channels with their own diaphragms, which ensures that an experience is achieved stereo pretty well done. Compatible with DSP technology, it should be noted that the total power allowed by the accessory we are talking about is 6 W with some features that clearly show that this is a very suitable solution. An example is that he works frequently ranging from 80 at 18,000 Hz and that the signal-to-noise ratio is 85 dB.

Big savings to buy the Lenovo TS32 Thinkplus

One of the great attractions that this accessory has at the moment is that it can be purchased with a 22% discount, so you only have to pay 19.85 euros. A most notable figure for a Bluetooth speaker that has a good quality overall. The store where the promotion exists is Gearbest, and one of the surprises in this regard is that at the moment you do not have to add absolutely anything for shipping costs. We leave the link that you have to use so as not to miss the opportunity to get this model that has effects of 360 degree sound.

Good autonomy in this Lenovo Bluetooth speaker

This is an important detail for an accessory that is designed to be used anywhere without depending on whether there is a plug nearby or not. Thanks to the high-toll battery inside, you can exceed ten hours of playback without having a great limitation by the volume that is used. This is very positive, and it must be added that charging is done through a traditional USB port, which increases its ease of use in any situation and place.

Using the Lenovo TS32 Thinkplus speaker

With some additional possibilities such as using sound sources that are connected via 3.5 mm port, The truth is that we believe that this is an excellent opportunity to get a Lenovo Bluetooth speaker that offers quite good sound and that it can be a perfect solution both to use it in the rooms of the house and when you go to the park or go out to the garden. Do not miss this excellent purchase opportunity.

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